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IE: Flash and ActiveX Stopped

I read an interesting article on SEOMoz today about how IE got sued and now all IE users must hop though a few hops before viewing any Flash or ActiveX content on the web.

…anyone using Internet Explorer now has to “activate” any flash or active-x element related to their website (EOLAS 521 millions lawsuit anyone?). This means that accessibility wise, our industry is now suffering greatly.

So if you are using IE and you find that Flash files no longer work and that ActiveX isn’t working either, it’s probably because you installed the patch (maybe automatically) and now you have to click on everything to activate it. Either you have to do extra work or the developers of each site need to implement a work-around.

Maybe it’s time to check out Firefox. 😀

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  1. Classic! We don’t know how to have it active without leaving a huge gaping security hole – so we’ll just deactivate it.

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