Last week I did a short review on web portals. Granted, I did forget Pagefakes which appears to be very cool. It has a full array of widgets along with most of the functionality I wanted, however it lacks POP/IMAP email integration. But it’s coming…. soon or so they say.

However, a few days ago Netbives upgraded a few elements and my POP email passwords are now saved! That was my biggest gripe. So, for now, they are my portal of choice. They look professional, access Gmail, IMAP and POP email, works great with Flickr, has some great calendar functionality (just added) and they have tabs with icons!!

The only issues I have now is all the spam in the blog, but that doesn’t directly relate to my portal.

I’ll continue to monitor a handful of portal services as I’m easily drawn to cool new features but, for now, Netvibes is the top portal site in my mind. 😀