My wife and I are addicted to American Idol again this year. However, in all the times we’ve watched in the past, we have never voted; until last week.

Last week my wife voted for Chris Daughtry as he is one of our favorites. Then, last night we both voted. I called in for Chris Daughtry and she called for Chris and Katharine McPhee. Overall, I think she voted for Chris 6 times and Kat 23. I only managed to get in 16 votes for Chris before I forgot to vote as I was to addicted to House.

The amazing part about calling in is you get though!! I’m not sure if it’s because they all have two numbers now or what, but hitting redial I was able to get though 4 or 5 times in a row. No problem.

We are worried that since it was easy to get though, no one may be voting for our favorites. That’s why we kept calling.

So here is my American Idol 2006 Rundown:
Paris Bennett – Leaving Tonight : Sorry Paris, you are good but it’s your time.
Taylor Hicks – Leaving after Paris. He’s cool, but not cool enough to win.
Elliott Yamin – After Taylor. Really great guy, but not in my top two.

Runner Up: Katharine McPhee

American Idol 2006: Chris Daughtry

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