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Google Idol Lip-Syncing Contest

American Idol is down to four and we are all at the edge of our seats waiting to see who wins. But, then you think to yourself, I can do that, except the singing part. Well grab your web cam and get your favorite song as you could be the next Google Idol!

Google Idol is a brilliant idea. They use Google’s video service to house and encode all the videos, then it puts them on their site and attracts thousands of visitors. It’s weird-o against freak and France against China. Who will win? Well it’s up to you, you vote!

I first came across this site a while back and it’s to much fun. Granted you’ll get a few scary performances, like Phil and Joe Productions, but there are some great ones too like Happy Dumbos and Pomme & Kelly.

There are different categories like Pop, Rock, Kids and Gay and there are different areas like lip-syncing and music video. If you wanna join in the fun, just record yourself. I can’t imagine how many submissions they must be getting. No prizes either, just 5 minute of web fame, or shame.

Beware though, just because they don’t sing, doesn’t mean you’re safe from a horrid performance. Check out enough and you’ll end up having a good time.

Who knows, maybe the next American Idol is on there. 😉

Thanks to Gary and his Numa Numa Dance for getting us all started and reminding us not to take life to seriously!

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