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I hate American Idol

What’s wrong with people?!! Chris Daughtry was supposed to win. He is the best singer left and he was voted off?!! I’m not even sure I’m want to continue watching American Idol. I don’t even know who I want to win anymore. Katharine McPhee I guess.

I’m so disappointed. We better get a Chris Daughtry CD at least.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Wow. I hate American Idol now too, not watching it anymore, don’t care who wins. Seriously.. him against Taylor, that’s a big JOKE. And yeah he better be gettin’ an album out pretty soon.

  2. Tara says:

    R I G G E D !


  3. #1ChrisFan says:

    Support Chris….visit …..Purchase that CD

  4. Pippa says:

    Its obvious why Chris got booted, right? Not enough people voted for him. I mean, it might be because everyone thought it was a shoe-in, but it comes down to who calls and go KAT!

  5. Thomas says:

    #1ChrisFan – You’re site needs to say that Chris is on that CD. It’s not presented very well. That is if he actually is. It’s hard to know if it’s a legit site or not. Just sayin’.

    Pippa – I agree. I voted for both Chris and Kat just like last week. And last week they were the top two. It’s just so sad.

  6. parisa says:

    I can’t belive he was voted off, I for one wont watch the rest of this season. Cant wait to buy his CD, if he gets a deal.

  7. Ed says:

    Chris is a fine performer, but those in the industry could hear his straining and poor breath support. Ivestors in his career, expected to comit millions in his promotion would have eventually put a portion of their money in vocal training to avoid the certainty of his voice simply being ruined from misuse prior to an decent return on the money.

    McPhee and Taylor each have what it takes to make it over the long term… let us hope that the voting public will allow the two-vocalists race to settle between them.

  8. I’m Kat’s #1 fan She is going to kick taylors BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. sillyboy says:

    American Idol is just plain stupid! there i said it!

  10. FeelingMcPheever says:

    Goooo Kathrine! I think Kathrine is a total package, she can sing, she can dance, and she is beautiful. I admire her sincerety. I hardly ever watch TV but I am hooked on American Idol. I am rooting for the underdog. Kat is going to take this one!!!

  11. americans r sad says:

    amerian idol gives me good reason to believe that other country hate us becasue we watch and care about stupid shit, get a life people the show is the dumbiest piece of televion I have ever seen.

  12. Thomas says:

    So you’re saying we shouldn’t care about anything. Never get excited, never get addicted, never leave the reality of our own lives and get lost in a TV show, movie, game or whatever? Hummm…. I think you’re the sad one. Ohh and there is a version American Idol in many countries across the globe.

  13. katnottaylor says:

    I cant betive taylor won!!! hes like a drunken man in a funky bar! KAT TOTALLY SMOTHERED HIM!!!!! …….god americians are deaf!

  14. americans r sad says:

    You’ve proven my point Thomas….lol did u get an american idol check in the mail?

  15. Thomas says:

    Yes, I have, in a round about way. 🙂

  16. Tabby Tea says:

    Get over it-Move on, when one door closes another Door opens and even a better one.
    Yes, It was and has been an injustice, we all experience these in our daily living.
    Chris is a very talented person but, also a very strong individual, you gotta be in the music Entertainment industry.
    His Talent has been and is well recognized, Thanks To the opportunity Given by American Idol and It’s American Viewers.I am sure Chris will be making records sometime in the future.
    American Idol is a Great stepping stone regardless,
    Good Luck Chris!!

  17. nancy says:

    well anyway,Amerian Idol is still a popular show isn’t it? guys!!!

  18. Thomas says:

    It’s absolutely HUGE.

  19. Ron Wilson says:

    I cannot wait for the new season of american idol to get started.

  20. Thomas says:

    It’s only a few weeks away!

  21. Seaun says:

    I audtioned in NYC. ANd guess what. The only ones that got through were the weidos- the ones who we saw on tv as “Contestants” we the so calle dINTERNS assissting the judges and staff. PREPICK! wouldn’t you say.

  22. Laura says:

    American Idol is awesome. Can’t wait to see the top 12!

  23. Steve says:

    Is this the extent of our aspirations in America anymore…to be an American Idol champion? No wonder the rest of the world laughs at us. Another “brainless” piece-of-crap show!

  24. Thomas says:

    Ohh Steve. You take things to seriously. Plus a lot of other countries also have Idol so it’s not like it’s an only US thing.

  25. Mike says:

    Chris Daughtry is the best singer ever in American

  26. Tomas says:

    Is there any chance we can get this off the air before it goes into it’s 100+ season. Is this what America has come to a bunch of dolts watching people who cannot sing, and i for one could not care in the least.

  27. Thomas says:

    If we don’t watch idiots who can’t sing, then we’ll just find other idiots to watch. 😀 TV isn’t shutting down anytime soon.

  28. mpk says:

    I thought you were serious about hating american idol. for real. you just didn’t like the outcome. boo on you.

  29. Chris says:

    You are the saddest bunch of people I have ever seen. That is of course what’s wrong with America these days, the minds of the youth have gone to mush thanks to shows like American Idol and others. There are so many other important things in the world right now that we should be taking about and paying attention to but instead, it’s “Who’s advancing tonight on Idol?” Wise up peolpe, wise up.

  30. lea says:

    me 2 taylor cant sing and my mom stopped watching it b/c of cris left but at least he is making it big. maybe it was best he didnt win b/c he can do his own thing

  31. allison says:

    I absolutely hate haley

  32. Thomas says:

    Haley will be gone soon and Chris will be the biggest artist from season 5.

  33. freethinker says:

    Im proud to say that I have NEVER watched a single cheesy episode of American Idol, personally I find most of today’s television to be the equivalet of boy george when he first appeared on Mtv. With that said, can we as “true talent seeking” American viewers simply demand better? for God’s sake, at least Europe has more electronic music and is not afraid to push the “underground” of true music. We are in a horrible “bubblegum” era again in mainstream both music and tv. They should rename the show “American Idoitic Cheese” that would be proper.

  34. freethinker says:

    also sad about these types of shows is the fact that they are not really searching for quality singer, etc, but instead set up these poor souls and then publicly disgrace them as they were some cheap sacrifice to some pagan ritual. it seems to be all about demeaning the contestants, of which, really think they are being taken seriously? such crap. I mean star search was more honest in approach than this show. The judges on the show are the equivalent to the current presidency. haha.

  35. Thomas says:

    Not quality? Have you heard of Carrie Underwood, Daughtry or Kelly Clarkson? They are HUGE and are very very talented.

  36. simple says:

    Every week they off good people this so suck! Don’t Watch I kills your brain! I hate Idol, Lets get it cancelled

  37. cindy says:

    i love american idol. Get a life!!!!!!

  38. Steve S says:

    I hate American Idol

    I’m not even sure why I do. But it stirs something deep inside me like few modern phenomenoe of the 21st century can. I mean I just don’t dislike it. I loathe it. More than the terrorist or the War in Iraq. More than people who commit heinous crimes, or do bad things to puppies.

    Maybe its due to the fact that three already wealth showbiz types are making millions more by contributing nothing to society; they are not educating , training or encouraging the wretched masses that come before them yearning to hit it big; nor are they displaying a modicum of talent themselves ( unless you consider Paula’s penchant for being a smart, successful showbiz type off screen while lapsing into fits of ditziness on screen to be a talent.)

    Maybe its due to the fact that that it brings out a cross section of all that’s wrong with America. The hopefuls who want to be famous are silently endorsing Americas idol’s themselves; the latter being the do nothing, know nothing group of the latest paparazzi hounded bubble headed pretty boy’s and girl’s who’s legacy will be to survive eight bouts of rehab, or shave off their hair in a barber shop window.

    Or maybe its due to the fact that the early rounds of each season’s auditions are more a three ring circus than a serious competition. Even the Miss America pageant pales in comparison. The hopefuls, for the most part, are either clueless as to what talent they possess ( like bad breath, even their best friends won’t tell them), or shameless masochist willing to do anything to attain Warhol’s proverbial minutes of fame, or in on the joke being perpetuated on the American public that the show has any redeeming value.

    Paula, Randy, and Simon each have their own style. Paula is the typical mediocre wanna be almost Diva,
    who before “Idol” would have been best remembered for her album “Forever Young Girl” (which by the way took 62 weeks to hit #1 on the Billboard 200 album sales chart, the longest an album has been on the market before hitting #1.)

    Randy , although he tries to be cruel , comes across as a sincere, nice guy who would be better off
    going back to playing bass for the rock group “Journey” or producing, promoting and cheering other artist as he did in his former capacity as a high powered executive for Columbia and MCA Records .

    And than there is Simon, the true star of the show. Simon is probably the third most influential American alive today, behind our Commander in Chief and the new president of Microsoft.

    The future of peoples lives and careers are determined by his decisions and words. The two things about Simon are his unpredictableness and his meanness. Simon is like the Sword of Damocles. Talent or no talent, you never know which way his is going to go. A female singer with whom the others are enamoured might get the axe because Simon doesn’t like the shade of eye shadow she put on that morning.
    On the other hand an obviously marginal voice might get his thumbs up ( after his trademark mildly scathing critique of course) because God Simon believes he can be the muse, the pivotal person in someone’s career whose prodigal insight can propel an otherwise lost soul onto a career of grandeur.

    But what I really dislike about Simon is his meanness. There is not a glint of compassion in his eye when he pronounces the death knoll to even the most naive, starry eyed hopeful . His critique’s, albeit usually accurate, are full of sad cliches and drone on and on like an incessant Howard Stern. Don’t get me wrong. I love Howard Stern. Stern possess a keen, insightful sarcastic sense of humor and the ability to pinpoint upcoming American trends and recognize farces better than the crew at Fox News or Talk Soup . And the guy is creative AND funny. Simon is neither. He just happened to come up with the right variation of a talent show at the right time, and was in a position to pitch it to the right people which will land him a place as an icon of American entertainment, and keeps him scowling all the way to the bank !

  39. Dan McDaniel says:

    A.I SUCKS Ass. What happen to the good shows? Like Air Wolf and Knight Rider? I’d even rather watch, (Puke) Full House.

  40. Thomas says:

    Knight Rider is coming back to TV. 🙂

  41. james says:

    AMerican Idol is retarted…Chris obviously should’ve won (look @ his record sales) all it does is show how lame america is. IT takes place of other good shows like House

  42. frank says:

    What a bunch of crap..can’t believe this show has gotten any worse than in was but sheeeeezzz…charity begins at home…stop sending money overseas …..give money to all the USA hoods….

  43. frank says:


  44. frank says:

    OMG…now MARIAH SCAREY and RANDY “I’m not pimpin Myself” Jackson are doing a number…what MEDIA WHORES

  45. kevin says:

    American Idol sucks. I wish it would be cancelled. I dont even let my kid watch it because I dont want him listening to a bunch of crappy singers and gay looking people.

  46. Thomas says:

    Wow Kevin. I’m assuming you don’t let your kids watch TV at all. That’s a good thing, but your reasoning are not very good. Keep him away from the radio too as those people are much worse.

  47. Jim says:

    Stuck on yourself? The producers of Idol should be thrashed for last night’s episode that did not end on schedule, which cut off the last performance. Do you think you are doing the advertisers, audience, or contenders a favor? I bet there are many who record in order to avoid advertisements, which are way to many or just because they lead busy lives or there are other conflicts. Spit on the audience faces. That is the way to go, right?

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