I found out today that Pingoat is not accepting any pings from blogs for a while. you must now visit the site and fill in the information. Service issues are coming up and it’s just not working well right now.

So I went over and put in my info and it said I was blacklisted for being a spammer!! Umm… last time I checked my blog is pretty darn original. So I submitted myself to their form and waited to get a response.

Then I read that even Google’s blog is blacklisted. Oops. I think the goat is having a few problems. I tried to ping myself this afternoon and it said I may be blacklisted but I could enter in a special code and I’d be safe. So I did and it said I was Whitelisted!

Yea, so I go to ping and it says I’m blacklisted and need to enter a code. Do you see and endless circle yet?

So the goat, Pingoat, is sick today. I think they are trying to stop spam and are stuck updating the live site and causing lots of end user frustrations.

I say give it a day or two and it’ll be OK again. Good news is that Pingomatic is working.