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Pingoat is Sick – I’m not a spammer.

I found out today that Pingoat is not accepting any pings from blogs for a while. you must now visit the site and fill in the information. Service issues are coming up and it’s just not working well right now.

So I went over and put in my info and it said I was blacklisted for being a spammer!! Umm… last time I checked my blog is pretty darn original. So I submitted myself to their form and waited to get a response.

Then I read that even Google’s blog is blacklisted. Oops. I think the goat is having a few problems. I tried to ping myself this afternoon and it said I may be blacklisted but I could enter in a special code and I’d be safe. So I did and it said I was Whitelisted!

Yea, so I go to ping and it says I’m blacklisted and need to enter a code. Do you see and endless circle yet?

So the goat, Pingoat, is sick today. I think they are trying to stop spam and are stuck updating the live site and causing lots of end user frustrations.

I say give it a day or two and it’ll be OK again. Good news is that Pingomatic is working.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Yea, it finally works. I’ve successfully PINGed again! 🙂

  2. Kailash Nadh says:

    You are mistaken dear friend. There’s been a few glitches in the Pingoat system lately that caused a mass-blacklist.

    If you were banned accidentally, you can revert your status easily. Please read

    Kailash Nadh

  3. Thomas says:

    Thank Kaliash, I did read you post and I’m whitelisted again. I’m still happy with Pingoat and think it’s a GREAT service, even with a few bugs from time to time.

  4. CouponCathy says:

    I’m with you…I can’t even GET to the site, let alone try to get whitelisted! I tried to click on the link above that Kailash posted, and it still won’t work. Thomas…like you, I have an original blog, (along with a website), and agree that the site has got a MAJOR case of the flu…I don’t want to go somewhere else, but might have to….I rely on them for awesome, quality traffic, and up until last night have never had an issue! CouponCathy

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