Step 1: Get some talented people who know how to build a deck. My brother and cousin helped us. Then make sure you pick a day that’s way to hot. Our deck took two days and it was sunny and 95 to 100 degrees each day.

Step 2: Get a lot of wood. This is only half of our new deck. We had to go back for a second load.

Get Lots of Wood

Step 3: Tear off the old deck. This is pretty easy except they left a lot of nails in the yard. Lawnmower will find them though. 😉

Tear down old deck.

Step 3a: Pile all the old boards in the front yard. Then you and your mother in law can spend two days pulling nails out. Again, nails in the yard. Go lawnmower.

Pile old wood in the yard.

Step 4: Build the deck. Most was done by my brother and cousin as they are the ones with skills.

build deck

Step 5: Marvel at the beauty and safety of your new deck. It’s sooooo awesome!

New Deck!

Ohh and we are giving free used wood away in the front yard. 99% nail free. Great for fire pits. Used nails too if you want them.