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Watching Wood Disappear

It’s amazing how the simple things in life can be so enjoyable.

We recently built a deck and all the old wood was piled in the front yard and the nails were removed. That was not the fun part. Once we were done, I had Christi make some signs that said ‘Free Used Wood’ and I set them out by it; and people are taking it!!

Every few days someone stops and takes a few pieces or a truck full. And every time someone is driving slow down the street, or parks anywhere on the block, we rush to the window and see if they are taking our wood. We even saw a guy in a motorized wheelchair stop and look. He didn’t take any though.

Someone stopped today and we both rushed to the living room to watch, then decided that we didn’t want to look like we were watching as we might scare them away. So we tried to stay quiet, hide and watch at the same time. Hoping that they’d take it all!

I’m not sure what is more enjoyable, not having to pay the garbage man a hounded dollars or more to take it away, or watching people actually take this cruddy wood. It does work great for fires though.

I’m hoping to have none left by the weekend, or at least a small enough amount to cut up and put in the garbage can.

So far, it’s probably 80-85% gone and we are enjoying watching our wood disappear.

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