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Google Spreadsheets are Coming

Google has announced Google Spreadsheets! It’s currently limited beta but I have high hopes for it. Google has Writely, an online word processing application and now a spreadsheet application. This is one step closer to Google Office. 😉

I have yet to get my Google Spreadsheet invite, but I’ve got on the list. For more information check out this Sneak Peak at Google Spreadsheets.

If you can’t wait for Google Spreadsheets, check out iRows and ZoHo Sheet. They are both online spreadsheet applications that work very well and are available for sign-up today! I have accounts at each and it’s tough to say which is better, but both are excellent alternatives to Microsoft Excel.

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  1. Arvind says:

    Thanks for the Zoho Sheet mention, Thomas!

  1. 6/6/2006

    […] More Options « Google Spreadsheets are Coming […]

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