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WWDC’s Here

Well today is the big WWDC! Apples day to shine with new product and software announcements. But what can we expect?

Well the only thing we know for sure is Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) will be previewed. We’ll get to see some of the 100+ new features. There is always over 100 new features so don’t be to surprised there. Other than that, it’s just a guessing game at what to expect. More than likely a PowerMac update as it’s the only Mac that’s not Intel yet. However, I could see this as a separate event.

What I’d really love to see is a VOIP solution. Weither it’s a service via iChat, iChat and Skype integration or just an Apple branded VOIP phone. I’m really getting into internet phone via Skype and I’d love something that was more in-sync with my OS. If something does show up, I’ll be all over it!

Overall, it’ll be an exciting day and there will be lots of fun stuff to talk about this afternoon.

What are you expecting?

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