Well WWDC Apple announcements are over and what are we left with? Some cool stuff, but nothing earth shattering in my mind.

New Mac Pro’s do sound sweet, but I’m not in need of a Pro machine. My iMac works wonders! New Xserves too, again, not my area of expertise.

The Leopard features were not as big as I was hoping for. Apple claims to be holding out on some of the new features until later so they don’t get copied. I can understand that and I’ll wait, no problems there. However, the new Time Machine backup utility looks amazing. How often will it be used though? If we don’t backup now, why would we in the future? It’ll be interesting to see it in action and I hope it’s as cool as it sounds.

The new Spaces, aka virtual desktops, looks great too. However, there are some great virtual desktop applications already and they are not as useful as I think they should be. Maybe Apple’s will be even better.

The other updates to Core Animation, Spotlight and Dashboard don’t seem that great, but maybe as I read about them more I’ll get excited. iChat advancements look sweet, but are they more than just eye candy? Mail also got a few nice upgrades, but they seem more like fluff than anything. Thunderbird seems to be advancing faster than Apple’s mail.

Overall, nothing too exciting yet. I’ll surely rush out to get Leopard, but I hope there are some more great advancements that Apple is holding out on.

(Still jealous of anyone who is there though. ;))