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Chicklet Creator Plugin Testers Wanted

— discontinued —

Great news, after a long coding spree last night, I came up with a major overhaul of the Chicklet Creator WordPress plug. Now, I need some more testers. 🙂

The new plugin version includes:

  • Updated PHP code for our template so it won’t throw errors when you disable the plugin. Actually this is available for the current version too.
  • And admin panel to configure the Chicklet Creator. That’s right, no editing the plugin file! Everything takes place in WordPress’ admin area.
  • Database integration. All plugin choices are now saved to the database. Configure it once, and you’ll be set!
  • More button choices. Updated to match the choices available on the web based version.
  • [upcoming] All local buttons. For faster load times, and some better images, all button images will be hosed locally.

So, what I need are a few testers to try the plugin and let me know how it works. Like it? Dislike it? Is it missing important features? If you want to test it, drop me a line.

Once I get the feedback and update any upcoming features and feedback issues, then it’ll be ready for the public. How exciting!

And yes, the Social Bookmark WordPress Plugin will be updated too once I this one finished.

Chicklet Creator Preview

5 Responses

  1. PJ Kix says:

    great job!
    I’ll definetly help out since you have already helped me out with these great tools.
    keep it up!

  2. Jean says:

    I’m also interested in helping. I love Chiclets.


  3. Wilson says:

    Can anyone give me ideas , i might get free time in the future and want to give it for wordpress …
    any idea ?
    i want idea from simple thing to mid … 1-2 hours –> 8-10 hours .
    post your ideas…

  4. Thomas says:

    Testing is over, it’s been released.

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