iPox has been re-worked and released for Firefox 2.0! Get the full details on the new iPox page.

What’s new in iPox 1.0
– Real Firefox 2 support.
– New status bar
– Slightly re-wokred tabs with new highlight color.
– Smaller icons to match the PC default sizes.
– Better themeing of addons, preferences, and all windows.
– Feed folder image updates
– Sidebar cleanup
– Right click menu backgrounds.
– New go button.
– Customize Toolbar sheet themed.
– New pop-up blocked icon.
– Smaller buttons
– All text fields rounded.
– New bookmark bar hover.
– Slight theme to feed page.
– All Mac loading spinner things.
– Error Page Edits
— Much More

There are also new hacks/options for those that don’t like the blue bar.