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Created my first NFC tags, and it’s easier than I thought.

I recently created my first new field communication (NFC) tags, and I’m amazed at how easy it was and how much it can do. This advanced technology is actually affordable and easy. What’s an NFC tag? Basically, it’s a sticker, or card, that you can scan with a NFC reader, like your phone, and it […]

The not so fun side effects of chemo.

I’m writing this post mainly for myself, as it’s nice to get some things out of my head. I’m also trying to keep my chemo journey transparent in case there are others that find this when they’re going through something similar, and I want them to know what “normal” looks like for me. It’s not […]

A List of Handy Mac Apps

I love apps, specifically Mac apps. I’m always on the lookout for something new, something to make my day easier, or just something fun to try. Occasionally I find something great, and I’d like to share some of those apps with you. Paste Not sure how anyone can live with just one clipboard. Paste gives […]

Into the Unknown – Wolf Ridge Winter Camping

This week Lily and I are headed to Wolf Ridge with her class to take in nature. We’ll be spending most of our day outdoors doing winter things. Nothing like spending all day outdoors in Northern MN in the middle of January. I’ve talked to a few people who have gone in past years and, […]

I’m getting a chemo port for Christmas.

One of the recommendations from friends when starting chemo was to get a chemo port. However, in talking with our doctor, he said that I had good veins, and we didn’t have to go that route. In hindsight, I wish he would have pushed a lot more on the port as everything I hear about […]