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16 Mac Apps That I Can’t Live Without

The other day I bit the bullet and erased my iMac. I wanted to combine my partitioned drive into one and I wanted to clean out the crud. Now my iMac is neat and clean again. I’m being very cautious of what apps I put back on as I don’t want to add a bunch […]

Easily Control Multiple Macs With 1 Mouse & Keyboard

Do you have more than one Mac on your desk or at your office? If so, then you should grab Teleport and control them all. Teleport is a system preference that allows you to control other Macs with the keyboard and mouse that you’re currently using. Just scroll off the edge of your screen and […]

Questions on Time Machine and Hard Drive Partitioning.

I love my iMac, but I feel it’s sluggish at times and I’m not sure if it’s all the clutter that has built up over the years, the amount of free disk space, or if it’s just as good as it’s going to get. So, I’m contemplating erasing my iMac and doing a clean install […]

Surviving Without My iMac

It’s now day 4 without my iMac and I’m surviving quite well. You see, my iMac screen decided that a yellow vertical line was cool and I didn’t agree. So I called Apple and my screen was on recall so they’re fixing it for free. The downside is that it’ll take 5-7 days. So I’m […]

Backblaze Lets You Forget About Backing Up – It’s That Easy

I’ve been thinking about getting an online service to backup my computer for a while now, however most services made the plans confusing, didn’t have a Mac client, or had price levels that just made it more than I wanted to spend. However, I signed up for Backblaze and it’s been wonderful ever since. I […]

Fastest Mac Browser Test: Firefox 2, 3 and Safari

Have you checked out  It’s a Mozilla owned site that runs a set of JavaScripts and test out how fast your browser is.  I tried it on my iMac, 1.83 Intel Core Duo with 1.5 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, and found Firefox 3 beta 5 to be the fastest browser.  Oddly enough, Firefox […]

Are You Using That Magnet on the iMac?

So what do you use that magnet on the side of your iMac for? I know my remote isn’t hanging on it. Who knows where that is. However, Scott sent me a video of his iLEVL Copy Holder. It’s a simple metal paper holder that sticks to that magnet in your iMac. That got me […]

Safari & Leopard Font Issue

Ever since I upgraded to Leopard, my Safari has had an odd font issue. I ignored it for a while and even once thought it was coded that way on websites. Now I’m just getting more annoyed. Check out the screen shot I took from > See how bold words are showing up in […]

Six Small But Nice Leopard Features

After reading Hawk Wings Five favourite time-saving Leopard Tips, I decided to write my own six cool Leopard items. These are small features, but nice none the less. Smarter Renaming of Files When changing a file name in Leopard, the OS selects just the file name and not the extension. Vary handy for those that […]

Mac OS 10.5 Leopard – Bad Kitty Cat

To my surprise today, I filled up my hard drive. I had less than 500MB left! Shocked, I quickly tried to find out why as it didn’t make any sense. Then I saw it. After installing Mac OS 10.5 Leopard, via an archive and install, it seems he left behind a ‘Previous Systems’ folder. That […]