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Is GIMP cool or lame?

I’m a big fan of open source, or alternative, software. I’m not a fan of paying hundreds of dollars for an application. Needless to say I’m not a big fan of Microsoft or Adobe. So what’s a good open source graphic design application? I’ve tried a lot of programs and now I’m looking at GIMP. […]

Now on Mac OS 10.5 Leopard!

I stood in line last night like a good Apple geek to get Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard and a free t-shirt! I installed it this morning and it’s running great. I did the archive and install option and it’s all wonderful. I love the new dock and the rounded corners on the menus. Small things […]

Chocoflop – A Simple & Free Image Editor

I’m always looking for cool applications and ways to make my life easier. I’m a big fan of Fireworks, but launching the application every time I want to make a quick image edit seems to be too much work sometimes. That’s why I found Chocoflop. Chocoflop is a free image editor for the Mac. It […]

One Week With My Microsoft 5000 Mouse

When my Mighty Mouse stopped scrolling down, I was sad. When I broke it trying to clean it, I was depressed. But now I have a Microsoft Wireless 5000 Laser mouse and I’m pretty happy once again. I’ve never been a Microsoft Fan. I refuse to install Word or Excel on my iMac and, come […]

Why don’t iMacs have batteries?

Yes, I really asked that question. Why don’t iMacs have batteries? The reason I ask is because things happen. Someone is building a building and cuts the power to a whole city block. Oops. Or a storm brews up and knocks down a tree and the lights go out. It happens, the power goes out […]

Made on a Mac WordPress Plugin

This is quite possibly the greatest plugin ever!* You can now get the Made on a Mac WordPress plugin that will automatically insert a button to your blog that states your blog was made on a Mac. How cool is that?! The initial release is extremely basic. Just install it and enable it. That’s all. […]

Goodbye Mighty Mouse

I had complained that my Apple Mighty Mouse could no longer scroll down and now it’s dead. I had taken it to the Apple store in hopes they’d help. Instead they sent me to YouTube to watch a video on how to clean the Mighty Mouse. Well, I tried to open the mouse and ended […]

It may be time for a new mouse, what do you suggest?

My Mighty Mouse is again refusing to scroll down. It happens every now and then when it gets dirty from over use. I have cleaned it a time or two in the past and it worked fine. But now I can’t get it clean enough to scroll down and that’s really bugging me. I’ve gone […]

NeoOffice Goodness & Replacement Icon

I’ve recently re-checked out NeoOffice. NeoOffice is the Mac version of OpenOffice and is a great alternative to Microsoft Office. NeoOffice is free which makes it $400 less that the Microsoft version. 😉 The download is big, but it’s a program that sure can do a lot. The interface is very nice and it makes […]

My ‘Best Free Mac Applications’ List

On the Mac, there are some fantastic applications that are completely free. Here is a list of what I believe to be some of the best I’ve found so far. Adium – The all in one, completely customizable instant messaging program. It absolutely rocks! AOL Radio – I love this because I can get nearly […]