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Why is there no toddler NyQuil?

I’m not a big fan of just giving medicine for the sake of it, but it seems that Lily has had a cough for the past few weeks and I’d like it to go away. Just as I thought it was getting better, it got worse. She spent half the night last night coughing and […]

The cough that won’t go away.

Lily’s had a cough for the past few weeks that just won’t go away. We were hoping it’d just work itself out, but so far, no luck. It’s not like she’s sick. She just sounds like she’s hacking up a lung in the morning when she’s waking up and in the evening when she goes […]

Attack of the Mucus & Flem

We’ve been so good at keeping Lily healthy that I’m worried we are going to start making up for all her missed sick time. Over the weekend, the Mucus and flem started attacking and she hasn’t been sleeping well, hasn’t been feeling well, and sounds horrible at times. It all started at about 2am Saturday […]

Will we always get sick when Lily gets sick?

If you recall, last week Lily got sick. It only lasted 12 hours or so and she dealt with it really good, however, the next day, I got sick. The day after that, Christi got sick. If we would have had any other family members, they’d have gotten sick too. That begs the question, will […]

Having a vomiting baby is no fun.

Well it had to happen, Lily got sick. We’ve been so blessed with a child that got some colds, a fever once, but never anything to terrible. Until last night, at about 1am. You see I was sound asleep until something woke me. My wife darted out of bed before I knew what was going on and […]

Baby girl has a fever and I don’t like it.

So Lily has never really been sick before. There were times I thought she was, and times that she had small cold, but now she’s got a fever! Her fever was 102 earlier and 103 at bedtime. The good news is she didn’t act any differently, ate and drank well, and shows no other signs […]

Maybe it was too much yogurt.

So our baby girl is all better. She didn’t get any worse so we still haven’t really had a sick girl on hour hands. *knock on wood* We’re wondering if it was too much yogurt, or a bad one maybe? Still, teething might have been a part of it as she seems a bit more moody […]

I think our little girl is sick! Or can teething cause diarrhea?

We’ve been fortunate that our little girl has gone 9 months without any real sickness. However, that streak may be coming to an end. Recently she’s been having diarrhea and many dirty diapers. Yesterday I changed three in the hour she was up in the morning. Usually I change 1 and that’s just the one […]

What’s a parent to do when WE get sick?

It’s inevitable, someday mom and dad will come down with a cold and then what? Actually this happened last week. First Christi got something, and then passed it to me. We were worried about passing it to Lily, but there isn’t much a parent can do; is there? Yes, we washed our hands often and […]