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Props to Microsoft for making a sweet Internet Explorer Ad

Microsoft seems to have hired a good advertising company for Internet Explorer. The recent ads have been pretty good and their recent ad is kinda awesome. How do you reach your target audience? Well with sweet 90s references of course. Sadly, after this pretty sweet ad, I remember than IE for Mac died in 2003. Oh […]

Blast from the past: Garbage Pail Kids

Remember Garbage Pail Kids? The trading cards & stickers of sick and twisted little kids?! Man I had so many Garbage Pail Kids cards. A little disgusting? Yes. But not as bad as the gum that came with them. I wonder if my Mom still has my collection of cards? And did you know they re-released some recently? […]

Scream 4 – Cheesy but worth the rent.

The year was 1996 and I was in high school when Scream came out. I wasn’t a big fan of horror movies, but I somehow saw this one. Then there was Scream 2 and Scream 3. Each move a not quite as good as the one before it but at least the characters stayed the same and […]

Music I hate to admit that I saved.

Remember when we were younger and the music was awesome. Now we look back and don’t admit to liking it while secretly loving it because it brings back good memories? Well I’ve been going through my old CDs and deciding which ones to get rid of. If I’m on the fence about any, I just […]

Hypercolor T-shirts – Flashback Fun

Do you remember Hypercolor t-shirts? The clothing that changed color when touched? Hypercolor clothing was around in the late 80s to early 90s and was quite popular. The shirts were one solid color, but when heat was applied, it changed to another color. So things like hugs or other people touching your shirt would bring […]