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Welcome to our Princess Pirate Spaceship Hotel

Our hotel on the farm had a spaceship and a pool. The neighboring castle had lots of rooms for staying over night as well. There was a restaurant and amusement park rides. So much fun for anyone. It’s always a good time when we pull out all the toys and make a mashup. We have […]

Get people to take the stairs by making them fun again.

Do you take the stairs or the escalator? Or, even worse, the elevator for only a few floors? What would happen if we took those boring stairs and made them fun? Chances, are a lot more people would use the stairs. Seems simple right? Now why don’t more places do something like this? It doesn’t […]

Creating our own monster puppet!

Lily got a Melissa & Doug Make Your Own Monster Puppet kit for her birthday and it’s one of our favorite toys! The monster comes with different sets of hands, ears, eyes, horns, noses and more. It’s all velcro so you can sick them on, play, take them off, and then create something new. Lily and […]

Looking for family vacation ideas.

My wife and I are looking for family friendly destinations for a summer vacation. My daughter is 4 and loves all things Disney; especially Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She loves water parks, animals, playgrounds, rides, and, well everything. We did Disney last year so we’re thinking of something a little less spendy this year. […]

The Best Calvin and Hobbes Parodies

I love Calvin and Hobbes comics. I read them growing up and still love them today. Turns out I’m not the only one. There are still plenty of people making parodies of the dynamic duo.

Our Day at Nickelodeon Universe.

Today I took the day off and Christi and I took Lily to Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America to have some fun. We had unlimited ride wristbands and we were taking advantage of the day. Lily loved the rides. We went on quite a few junior rides as she is only 4, but […]

Remember Construx Toys?

My brother and I had a bunch of Legos as kids but we also had Construx. Construx were similar to Legos in the fact that you put all the pieces together to make whatever you want. Your imagination is in control. “Construx are unique building parts that snap together allowing children to build large and […]