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Our Day at Nickelodeon Universe.

Today I took the day off and Christi and I took Lily to Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America to have some fun. We had unlimited ride wristbands and we were taking advantage of the day.

Lily loved the rides. We went on quite a few junior rides as she is only 4, but we also tried two trill rides!

We started with the Carousel. It’s a classic and we went on it twice. We also went on Swiper’s Sweeper twice which was actually quite fun.

Lily and I had lots of fun crashing into others on the Crazy Cars (bumper cars), enjoyed the Back at the Barnyard Hayride roller coaster, took a spin around on Backyardigans Swing-a-Long (swings) and floated in the Balloon Race. We even shot some ghosts in Ghost Blasters.

Lily also bounced in a pineapple, had some fun on Wonder Pet’s Flyboat and drove one of the Big Rigs. There a few issues with Rugrat Reptarmobiles (mini bumper cars) as she didn’t realize she had to keep her foot on the gas, but once she figured that out it was a blast.

There were two rides though that fall into the trill category and were much more intense than the others.

The first was Danny Phantom Ghost Zone. This is a flat ride that you ride in a circle. You go up and then down pretty fast. The feeling of a free fall is there as you go down and Lily did pretty good at it. She got a little scared, but she’d do it again.

The very last ride we did was the Splat-O-Sphere. Basically they take you straight up to and drop you straight back down. Again, Lily was a little scared, but she also enjoyed it. I think she likes the free fall sensations as long as her daddy is sitting next to her.

How high do we go?!

How high do we go?!

Our day at Nickelodeon Universe was great. There were a few rides which we weren’t able to go on due to them being down, but we still had plenty to keep us entertained.

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