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We’re gonna have a white Christmas.

It was cut pretty close this year but we will have a white Christmas! The Twin Cities are got about an inch of snow the other day and lots of cold, however my parents in Chatfield got about 5 inches! And, since it can hardly get above 0 during the day, the snow won’t be […]

Feline Frolic! Remote-Controlled Cat Exerciser

Merry Christmas Sassy! We couldn’t wait and she now has been playing with her Feline Frolic! Remote-Controlled Cat Exerciser for about a week now. It’s actually quite fun and she doesn’t know she’s getting exercise. It comes with a remote control so we can drive it around and the mouse that dangles off it randomly […]

-10 and Sunny!

Hello from Minnesota! No snow but plenty of cold. It’s -10 this morning and we are off! Winter is here and I just wish it would snow already. Especially since Christmas is just around the corner. Speaking of Christmas I did some of my shopping yesterday. We went to the Mall of America on the […]

Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag

Every year when Christmas comes around I love hearing the new music. However it’s hard to hear everything and find the good stuff. Now I’m a fan of the traditional Let It Snow and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas but they’ve been done over and over again. What I really like to hear is […]

The Perfect Gift Could Be On EBAY

Have you ever stopped to think that the best gifts could be on eBay for cheap? You can find anything there. From Christmas presents to birthday, anniversary, or other special occasions. And since an eBay account is free you can sign up and start finding great bargains today! We shopped for wedding accessories on eBay […]

How To Keep A Cat Out Of A Christmas Tree [updated x2]

See the updated post with some great new ideas. Update 2: We have found out that our cats hate Canned Air.  You know, the stuff you clean your keyboards with.  We are using that on them whenever they get close to the tree and hopefully they’ll learn.  They are much better than in the past […]

Decorate your desktop with holiday backgrounds!

It’s that time of year again. Time to get out the Christmas decorations. This year I’ve created some desktop wallpapers for your computer. You can download Christmas/holiday desktop backgrounds and get your computer in the spirit! From snowmen to candy cane stripes I’ve got 9 wallpapers to choose from. Don’t see one you’d like? Then […]