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Let It Snow Mat Wallpaper

We have a pretty cool Christmas snowman doormat and thought that it’d make a nice desktop wallpaper too. So I took a picture. Instead of re-sizing it, I just uploaded the full size picture (3264 x 2448) for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to re-size it as you need to. You can grab it on […]


What are you asking Mac Santa for this year?

What kind of cool Mac gifts are on your Christmas wish list this year? I’m hoping to get iLife 11 as it’ll be a nice upgrade from my iLife 08. I’d like iWork 11 as well, but that’s not out just yet. I’m also hoping Santa brings me an Apple iPad case. I love my […]


Waconia Christmas Lights House Spectacular

For years, there has been a house, a few miles from ours, that celebrates Christmas big time. And we never knew about it until this year. The house has over 150,000 LED Christmas lights and they are all programmed to music. This makes me think I need more lights on my house! If you want […]


8 Super Awesome, or Strange, Christmas Songs

Every year, hundreds of artists sing the same old Christmas songs that everyone else does. Lame. Thankfully, or maybe not, some songs come out that are unique and stand out from the rest. Here are 8 unique, funny, or just plain weird Christmas songs. All I Want For Christmas Is You by Vince Vance & […]


Protecting the Christmas tree from Lily & the cats

Christmas is a fun time of the year, but having a little girl pulling ornaments off the tree, or taking it down, isn’t one of the fun parts. That’s why we put a gate around our Christmas tree. We purchased a North States Superyard XT Gate Play Yard and wrapped it around the tree. It fits nicely and […]


I’m thankful for Thanksgiving with the family.

This year Thanksgiving should be a lot of fun. Lily is walking and talking and ready to help out. We’ll have both sets of grandparents up she’ll be the center of attention. Plus there will be all the food that I’m sure she’ll just gobble right down. See eats pretty much everything these days. I’m thankful this Thanksgiving, […]