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Halloween Arts & Crafts

Lily loves her arts and crafts. From crayons to paints she loves to put purple and pink on pretty much everything. Because of this we’ve started doing more with her and now are creating something new all the time. For Halloween we created spiders and pumpkins out of paper plates, painted mini pumpkins, colored ghosts, […]

Finding Easter Eggs and Happiness

Last week Lily got an Easter basket from daycare and it was filled with all sorts of goodies. It was then that she realized how cool Easter eggs were. We’ve since been practicing our Easter egg hunting skills. We hide them and she tracks them down. She doesn’t just look for the obvious ones either. She’s getting […]

Merry Christmas!

To all our family and friends, Merry Christmas! I hope this holiday is special for you and your family and that you take a moment to be thankful for everyone in your life that makes it so great.

Merry Christmas

No matter what you’re doing, or how you do it, I hope this Christmas puts a smile on your face and warms your heart. We are having a great Christmas already with Lily taking on everything from baking Christmas cookies to saying Ho Ho Ho. I’m sure that come Christmas morning, she’ll be more than […]

Easy Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

Are you running out of time to get a gift for your toddler? If so, here are a few easy and fun ideas. A Cardboard Box – Lily loves the boxes that bring gifts in them more for the boxes than what’s inside. A Plastic Tub – You know, one of those storage tubs. Much […]

Let It Snow Mat Wallpaper

We have a pretty cool Christmas snowman doormat and thought that it’d make a nice desktop wallpaper too. So I took a picture. Instead of re-sizing it, I just uploaded the full size picture (3264 x 2448) for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to re-size it as you need to. You can grab it on […]

Doing some Christmas baking.

We’re doing some Christmas baking today and Lily is helping out. That’s actually powdered sugar in the photo, not flower. And more than a little made it into her mouth; among all the other places that it ended up!

What are you asking Mac Santa for this year?

What kind of cool Mac gifts are on your Christmas wish list this year? I’m hoping to get iLife 11 as it’ll be a nice upgrade from my iLife 08. I’d like iWork 11 as well, but that’s not out just yet. I’m also hoping Santa brings me an Apple iPad case. I love my […]