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Halloween Arts & Crafts

Lily loves her arts and crafts. From crayons to paints she loves to put purple and pink on pretty much everything. Because of this we’ve started doing more with her and now are creating something new all the time.

Halloween Arts & Crafts

For Halloween we created spiders and pumpkins out of paper plates, painted mini pumpkins, colored ghosts, created egg carton spiders, and even made banners. We’ve painted with cotton balls, our fingers and apples and then decorate with googlie eyes, stickers and construction paper.

The best part in all this is that the paint is washable so we don’t have to worry about what she gets it on; and she gets it on everything. Everything cleans up nicely and that gives us less to worry about.

It’s not just Lily having fun either. We all join in and create something fun. Then we post them around the house. Lily loves seeing the creations up on the wall and will have a blast creating new ones for each upcoming holiday.

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