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Protecting the Christmas tree from Lily & the cats

Christmas is a fun time of the year, but having a little girl pulling ornaments off the tree, or taking it down, isn’t one of the fun parts. That’s why we put a gate around our Christmas tree. We purchased a North States Superyard XT Gate Play Yard and wrapped it around the tree. It fits nicely and […]


I’m thankful for Thanksgiving with the family.

This year Thanksgiving should be a lot of fun. Lily is walking and talking and ready to help out. We’ll have both sets of grandparents up she’ll be the center of attention. Plus there will be all the food that I’m sure she’ll just gobble right down. See eats pretty much everything these days. I’m thankful this Thanksgiving, […]


One may be to young to carve pumpkins.

Over the weekend we decided to carve pumpkins. We thought it’d be a fun family activity and it turns out, Lily is still to young. We opened up and cleaned out the pumpkins while she was napping and once she got up, we started carving. Turns out, she only liked the pumpkin guts and really didn’t care […]


Happy Happy Halloween Green Wallpaper

Are you looking for a cool Halloween wallpaper? Maybe one that is green and says Happy Halloween all over it? If so, then I’ve created the one for you! You can download it here and enjoy it as much as you’d like.


17 Unique and Fun Baby Halloween Costumes

What halloween costume are you getting for your little one this year? We’re going to be a little monkey and we’re going to be darn cute too. If you haven’t decided on a Halloween costume for your baby yet, check out some of these unique and fun ideas! A pea pod for your little sweet […]


Picking Pumpkins

This is Lily’s second Halloween, but her first where she’s actually aware of what’s going on. So we decided to make it special by going out and picking our own pumpkins. It wasn’t only Lily’s first time picking pumpkins, but as a family, we’d never done it either. We all had a lot of fun […]