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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween 2011

We’re all having more fun for Halloween this year as Lily is 2. She has a better understating of what’s going on and has been practicing her Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat.

Costume Sneak Peek

Costume Sneak Peek

This year she’ll be going as a pink cat. It’s a warmer costume which is nice but also has quite the big belly. Trying to get her into the car seat in it sure was a lot of work.

Cleaning Out Pumpkins

Cleaning Out Pumpkins

Lily also helped clean out some of the pumpkins this year. She wasn’t so sure about it, but eventually stuck her hand right in.

Tonight we’re going to the grocery store for indoor trick or treating and then around the neighborhood. After that we’ll be handing out candy at the door and having some Halloween fun.

Then, after she goes to bed, Dad is taking most of the candy and hiding it away. Halloween is a lot of fun, but Lily doesn’t need a whole pumpkin full of candy.


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