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Clean up the multiple drafts that Apple’s Mail app creates in Gmail.

If you use Apple’s Mail with Gmail, you realize that every time Mail autosaves a draft, Gmail creates a new draft. Even after the message has been sent, Gmail thinks you have lots of drafts. I haven’t found a good way to stop this but I have found an easy way to clean it up. […]

Grammarly is an excellent free tool to help you write better.

Have you heard of Grammarly? Grammarly is a free (and paid) service that checks your writing for spelling and grammar mistakes. The best part is, it really works! I know the first thing a lot of people are going to say is that their operating system has spelling and grammar check too. It’s true, they […]

Apple can issue a refund if software purchased drops in price.

About a week after I finally persuaded myself to get Fantastical 2 for the Mac, it dropped in price. For most software I wouldn’t care, but when it’s $50 to start with, that $10 price drop is significant. Now technically Apple doesn’t have any price guarantees. Prices for products offered via the Services may change […]

Fantastical 2 is a full featured Mac Calendar app including Google Hangouts links.

I finally broke down and got Fantastical 2. Yes, Apple’s calendar application is nice, but it’s also limited. I was tired of trying to utilize may different apps to get all the features that Fantastical provides out of the box. Plus Fantastical does it beautifully. One of the biggest advantages of Fantastical for me is that […]

My Evernote Replacement is Evernote & Notes

I’ve been trying different Mac apps to come up with an Evernote replacement since they’re moving to a more restrictive free plan. However, I’m kind of just ending back up at Evernote. I mainly use Evernote for work related things. However, I have quite a few home things in there too. What I realized is […]

7 Desktop Google Hangouts Apps for the Mac

I’ve been on the lookout for a Google Hangouts desktop app for the Mac and there are actually few decent choices out there. First off, I don’t want to run a Chrome extension and I don’t want to have to keep Gmail open in the background. That works for some, but it’s either out of sight, […]

Get an Evernote Dark Theme with Alternote

Ever wish Evernote had a dark theme? Sadly, it does not, however, Alternote does. Alternote is a note taking app that is powered by Evernote. All your notes are still there, and in sync, but the front-end is something new. Alternote is minimal, can be light or dark, retina ready, Markdown ready, and distraction free. […]

Ad-blocking is good, but we’re doing it wrong.

There are good reasons for ad-blocking and there are bad reasons. However, most people are going about it all wrong. If you were to visit one of the major media sites, you’d quickly come across ads that are horrific. They prevent you from viewing content, they are distracting, and you just want them to go away. So you […]

Post to multiple Twitter accounts at once with TweetCaster on mobile.

Managing multiple Twitter accounts is easy if you’re just looking for an app to log-in to multiple Twitter accounts and switch between them. However, finding one app to manage multiple Twitter accounts, and share the same update across multiple accounts, is harder. Turns out TweetCaster lets you accomplish this. Now I know what you’re thinking, why do you want to […]

Looking for a Mailbox alternative? How about Mail with Addons?

Mailbox was a great app for those who really liked it, however it unfortunately is entering its end of life. Maybe someone will pick it up, but lets not count on that. Instead, we’re searching for alternatives. One might be Mail, with some addons. Mail, by default, works well will Google, has swipe actions, and […]