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Get more DropBox space AND be better prepared for a disaster.

Who loves DropBox and who wants more free space? Well everyone that uses DropBox of course. And who has cataloged the contents of their house for insurances purposes? Probably not many. Turns out, that you can do both right now. DropBox is beta testing a new version of their Android app that auto syncs photos […]

Twitter has a job opening for a unicorn slayer.

Did you see Twitter’s awesome recruiting video? I have to say, it got my attention because it’s cheesy awesome. While listing open jobs, I noticed that they are even hiring a unicorn slayer. Now I think that may be illegal, with them being endangered and all, but you don’t find that job to many places. I think I’m going to stay at […]

How to update your Facebook status so only some of your friends see it.

It seems like everyone is on Facebook these days. I have high school friends, co-workers, relatives and even my mother in-law follows my updates. However, I don’t always want to share everything with everyone. That’s why there are Facebook lists. Lists are a way of organizing your friends into groups; or circles if anyone uses Google+. You […]

How to shrink your Facebook tabs iFrame when AutoGrow fails you.

When building a Facebook application tab, Facebook gives you a great function called FB.Canvas.setAutoGrow (formally FB.Canvas.setAutovsize) that allows for the Facebook iFrame to automatically figure out how tall it should be to incorporate all your content. As you switch between pages in your app, it continues to grow as needed.i The downside is that it […]

Google+. The social network that wants to be cool but isn’t.

Who doesn’t love the idea of Goolge+? It’s a social network, from Google, that ties into your Google life. It’s got a pretty easy to use interface, does a great job at grouping friends, has video and audio chat built-in and can automatically upload every picture you take from your Android phone into the system. […]

Flashed Miui onto my Droid Incredible

I’m not a huge Android fan but I do have an Android phone that I want to love. I’m a Google fan, but the phone has not been as good as I thought it should be. I think the real issue with Android is the fact that carriers modify it. Once Google releases an update […]

Google Music’s uploader app finally adds playlist support.

I’ve been using Google Music for a while now, but my biggies issues is that the app uploads everything in iTunes. This means that it uploaded Christmas & children’s music whether I wanted it or not. Plus there is no way to create smart playlists so I could listen to everything but those genres. Turns out that […]

To the CloudApp with that screenshot and return me a link.

If you’re on a Mac, Cloud is a great free app. To use it, you just drag a document onto the application icon in the menu bar and it gets uploaded to the internet. It then copies the link to the file so you can just paste it into an email or use it wherever. […]

Backblaze continues to backup my computer.

It’s been nearly three years since I signed up for Backblaze and it’s been backing up my computer ever since. I have it set to back up once a day and it currently has backed up 112,452 files at 82,287 MB. That’s over 80 Gigs! All this for less than $5 a month. Luckily I […]