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Goodbye Thunderbird, Hello Entourage 2008

I’ve been a big fan of Thunderbird for a while now, but I’m moving on. Entourage 2008 is calling my name at work and I’m listening. I’m a bit sad to say goodbye to Thunderbird, but yet excited at the same time. So why the switch? There are a few reasons for my switch to […]

From Outlook to Thunderbird and Back Again

The process of exporting email from Outlook to Thunderbird on Windows is really easy. Exporting it from Thunderbird and importing in to Outlook is not hard either, just time consuming. Both ways can be done. Outlook to Thunderbird This is actually really easy. The first thing you need is all your email in Outlook. Then, […]

iPhone Facebook Sidebar for Firefox

In the past, I’ve talked about how to open Facebook in the sidebar of Firefox. Now, I’ve taken that idea one step farther and created a Firefox extension. The iPhone Facebook Sidebar extension opens Facebook’s iPhone page and allows you to keep tabs on your friends, update your status, message people and accept friend requests. […]

My Top 8 Thunderbird Extensions

Thunderbird is not quite as downloaded as Firefox these days, but it is a good start to what hopefully will become a powerful email client. In my daily use, I’ve tried many extensions and uninstalled most. However, here are 8 that I love: Lightning – Having a calendar right in your email client makes it […]

iPod Touch $20 Upgrade Rocks

I admit that paying $20 for a software update to my iPod Touch, less than a month after I got it, is kind of depressing, but I went for it and it’s like I have an all new iPod! New features include: Email client. Fully functional email that’s amazing. Weather app. I love the weather, […]

Create a simple, feature rich, Facebook Dashboard widget in 4 steps.

Are you constantly checking or updating your Facebook profile? Do you like to be up to date on all your friends? Are you having difficulty finding a nice Facebook Dashboard widget? Stop looking and create one now! It’s really simple. All you need is Safari 3 and a Mac. Here’s how to do it. Go […]

You know you need a new computer when…

… when they keys start falling off your calculator application! Now I know this is strange. I opened up Dashboard the other day and there was a missing key on the calculator widget. Where could it have gone? It can’t just pop off. Can it? Maybe Steve will announce Calculator 2 at MacWorld tomorrow. No […]

Fluid vs Prism for Desktop Web Applications

When I wrote about Mozilla’s Prism project a while ago, I was very excited for the possibility of bring web applications to the desktop. Since then, a new project called Fluid has popped up. It’s the same ideas as Prism, however is Mac only. Fluid is a small application that is used to create stand […]

Safari & Leopard Font Issue

Ever since I upgraded to Leopard, my Safari has had an odd font issue. I ignored it for a while and even once thought it was coded that way on websites. Now I’m just getting more annoyed. Check out the screen shot I took from > See how bold words are showing up in […]

Blogging on the iPod Touch

What better way to blog than on the go! With the Mobileadmin plugin for WordPress you can do just that. The plugin re-works WordPress’ admin area to fit in with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Actually, this post has been written on my iPod Touch. *Well, up until this point. // Image lost. Sorry. Zooomr […]