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Taking a ride on the carousel.

Lily has been really excited to go to the fair this year and tonight was the night. She loved the cows, horses and all the people. Most of all, she loved the carousel. It was mom’s idea to go for a ride and it was a fantastic idea. From the moment the horse started to move, […]

TwisterMc – New for 2011

As I posted a few days ago, a lot has changed around here. Here’s a quick rundown. First off, the design. You’ve probably already noticed it. That is unless you only read this via an RSS reader. The new design is focused more on CSS and less on images. The images that I do have […]

Legoland disappears from the Mall of America. But will return soon.

Legoland is one of the few stores at the Mall of America that has been there since the mall opened, which is why I was surprised to see no Legos in Legoland last time I visited. All that is left is a few support beams. The good news here is that they are building a […]

Ride ValleyFairs Wild Thing – POV Videos

Ever wanted to ride ValleyFair’s roller coaster from the comfort of your home?  Now you can. Just watch this vide, full screen, and it’ll seem like you’re in the front seat! Another, smoother, view can be seen here. It’s animated so you don’t get as many nice background graphics, but it’s fun as well. Note: […]