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View from the Top of Renegade

As more and more boards get nailed on, Valleyfair’s new coaster, Renegade, is taking shape.  See the view from the top of the coaster at the ThemeParkReview forums.

Renegade Coming Along

I took a trip past Valleyfair this weekend and you could see Renegade peeping over the trees. Unfortunately, you can’t see much more. It’s stuck in an area that isn’t viewable from the road so I don’t have any good pictures to share.

Renegade Construction Photos 11/4/06

I snapped this shot as we zoomed past Valleyfair today. Disregard my wife’s hand. 🙂 You can see parts of Renegade rising above the trees in the background. In the foreground you see Excalibur. We did plan on getting a better shot but didn’t drive back by on the way home.

No Renagade Construction Yet – That I Can See

We drove past Valleyfair to see if we could see any piles of wood or anything happening with Renagade from the road and couldn’t see anything. We took a picture of Excalibur though though to show everyone what we saw. From what I understand the new coaster should be around here somewhere.

Cedar Point’s New Coaster – Maverick

Cedar Point, the sister part of Valleyfair, is opening up their own old west themed coaster in 2007 called Maverick. Maverick is a steel coaster that has an amazing 95-degree angle drop and has linear synchronous motors to propel the train. Meaning it doesn’t climb slowly up a hill, it races up hills. Reaching speeds […]

Renegade Wooden Rollercoaster – New for 2007

For the first time since 1976, Valleyfair is building a new wooden rollercoaster; Renegade. Renegade stands 104 feet tall with drops of 91 feed. Top speeds are 52 mph and the 2 minute ride will take you 3,113 feet around the track. Two high-performance trains will hold 24 people a piece on each wild ride! […]

New Inverted or Wooden Roller Coaster for 2007?

Rumors are flying and people are hoping, but there is no confirmation of a new roller coaster for 2007. Not yet anyway. Some rumors claim that an inverted coaster is coming, others say a wooden coaster is on it’s way. Where would they put it? There seems to be some room around Whitewater Water Park; […]

Valleyfair’s Wild Thing Rollercoaster Jumps the Tracks

It’s not yet determined why, but Valleyfair’s famous rollercoaster, Wild Thing, jumped it’s tracks over the weekend. It happened at the end of the ride and 18 people were said to be taken to the hospital. None had much more than bumps and scratches. There were no major injuries. It’s still up in the air […]