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View Google Calendar in Thunderbird

Update: Here is the best way to sync Google Calendar & Thunderbird. Works like a charm. Getting Things Done (GTD) is very popular these days and people are always looking for an easy way to save another minute. With that in mind, I’ve found a simple way to view my Google Calendar in Thunderbird. Step […]

WWDC Aftermath, Little Shock & Awe

Well WWDC Apple announcements are over and what are we left with? Some cool stuff, but nothing earth shattering in my mind. New Mac Pro’s do sound sweet, but I’m not in need of a Pro machine. My iMac works wonders! New Xserves too, again, not my area of expertise. The Leopard features were not […]

AttachmentReminder – Never Forget Attachments

AttachmentReminder is quite possibly one of the most useful extensions for Thunderbird. What it does is allows you to add keywords that relate to attachments and, on send, if it finds one of those keywords, but no attachment, it’ll warn you. I simply have attach in AttachmentReminder’s keyword list and anytime any word contains attach, […]

Style Mozilla Lightning

I was excited to hear about Mozilla’s latest extension called Lightning. It is a calendar extension that is nicely integrated into Thunderbird. Granted this is version 0.1, and there are a lot of bugs, but it is quite nice. A great start to a much needed Thunderbird addon. One thing that bugged me though was […]

Portable Applications

Myself, I haven’t tired this, but it looks cool! Portable applications are just applications that store all your preferences and related files together. It could be on a USB drive, Zip disk or iPod. Perfect for taking your bookmarks, mail and setting with you when you go. Sounds like a great idea to me. Use […]

Thunderbird Saves Everything – Compact It

I’ve been using Thunderbird for a while now and it wasn’t until recently that I learned something quite valuable. Thunderbird doesn’t permanently delete anything! 😮 I turned on a setting the other day that caused me to loose a lot of email. I paniced, did some researching and found my mail. It was still there, […]

iPox for Thunderbird?

One of my biggest requests is iPox for Thunderbird. Where it’s a great idea, I’m not working on it. The time it takes to create a good theme is more that I have available. I like to think that I’ve done well with iPox so far, but there are still many issues to fix. With […]

Charamel Best Firefox & Thunderbird Theme

I try and check out all the themes for Firefox and Thunderbird that I can, however only one has ever really impressed me. That theme is Charamel. This theme has had a lot of work put into it and it’s absolutely beautiful. Everything works together and it’s a joy to use. There are even elements […]

Nvu I want to use you.

Nvu is yet another spawn of the Mozilla family. This time, non-Mozilla employees ripped out Composer, the HTML editor that can be found in the Mozilla Suite. They then re-worked it into a stand alone application called Nvu. Now I was all excited to hear about this project. How could it be bad? Well I’ve […]

Switching to PC…

… but not for long. As I’m in San Jose this week for Search Engine Strategies, I’m using a PC to keep up on work and stay connected to the world. Can one live without email? 😉 So far my PC experience has been well. I’m on Windows 2000 and it’s an older machine but […]