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Trying my hand at a Thunderbird theme.

Just a few days ago I came across Vitae, an amazing Shapeshifter theme. Since I got my new iMac, I haven’t installed Shapeshifter or even thought twice about themes, but now I wanted it. I searched for my serial number and got it installed and it was beautiful. It really is worth a check-out. Then […]

The Flavors of Gecko Technology

The number of different applications that use Gecko are ever increasing. What’s Gecko? It’s the rendering engine that powers such programs as Firefox, Thunderbird and many more. I guess it all starts with Netscape back in 1998 and possibly even before that when Netscape decided to make a technology to power their browser. It’s come […]

My ‘Best Free Mac Applications’ List

On the Mac, there are some fantastic applications that are completely free. Here is a list of what I believe to be some of the best I’ve found so far. Adium – The all in one, completely customizable instant messaging program. It absolutely rocks! AOL Radio – I love this because I can get nearly […]

Make Custom Thunderbird Labels Stand Out

If you followed the Thunderbird Labels modification I put up a few days back, you may have found out that it didn’t work for custom labels/tags. Yes, I knew that, but wanted to start off with the basic labels. Here is a quick tutorial on how to get your custom ones up and running. What […]

Sync Google Calendar & Thunderbird

If you’ve upgraded to Thunderbrid 2.0 you can now run the Provider extension that will sync Google Calendar and Thunderbird running the calendar extension. It’s very easy to setup thanks to’s instructions. I tested it out this morning and it worked flawlessly. Ok, maybe one minor issue. It seems that it ‘automagically’ populated my […]

Make Thunderbird’s Labels Stand Out

I’m a big fan of Thunderbrid, however one of the things that bugs me is that the labels don’t stand out enough. I feel as if they kind of blend into the background. I did a bit of research and figured out how to style the labels to stand out a bit more. Check it […]

What is the Mozilla Sandbox?

With the recent upgrade to the Mozilla Addon’s site, there is now a sandbox. What’s a sandbox you ask? Well it’s where all new addons go before they go live to the public. The great thing about the sandbox is that once you are in, you can view and install any theme or extension that […]

Official Firefox Addon Tester

I’m now an official AMO ( tester. I volunteered for the job so that I could test themes and help get more of them out to the public faster. So far I’ve done a few themes and a few extensions. The upside is I get to see all the coolest new addons before anyone else. […]

Correo Mail – Part, Thunderbird & Incomplete

The other day Hawk Wings tipped us off about a new mail application that is coming to the Mac. It’s called Correo and it’s sound like it has a lot of potential. Think of it like Camino, the cousin of Firefox that’s Gecko powered, but Mac pretty. Well Correo is the same thing. Gecko powered […]

9 Great, Free Mac Applications

To fill sometime between now and my next ‘announcement’, I thought I’d share five nine free Mac apps that make my day easier. Firefox – Customizable web browser. I love it. Thunderbird – For work Email. TextWranger – Great all around text/html editor. AOL Radio – XM Radio for free and almost commercial free. Sweet. […]