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Official Firefox Addon Tester

Addon Approved

I’m now an official AMO ( tester. I volunteered for the job so that I could test themes and help get more of them out to the public faster. So far I’ve done a few themes and a few extensions.

The upside is I get to see all the coolest new addons before anyone else. I can also give direct feedback to the authors in order to help them along. The downside is that there are so many waiting in the wings at times that I wish I could just do them all. Most of the submissions are extensions and I’m not quite up to testing many of them yet as I don’t know what they are suppose to do. I do try and test the ones that sound like something I’d install.

I can’t fast track my submissions either. They don’t allow one to approve their own stuff. I wonder why? 😉

I’m very excited to be an Addon volunteer. Now I just need to find a bit more time to put towards it. If you want to be an addon tester, check out the Mozilla volunteer page.

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