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Change Your Password Before Someone Else Does

I recently got an email from a friend of mine who was vacationing in London. They were writing to tell me that they were mugged at gunpoint and their wallet, cell phone and all their money was taken. Now they were stuck in London with no way to pay the hotel bill and no way […]

You might be a web geek if…

I’m a web geek, are you? If you’re not sure, below are some ways to tell. You might be a web geek if: You understand ® ™ © You have to hide the fact that you kinda like using a WYSIWYG editor. You can identify any font anywhere. You love Google. You think it’s funny […]

How Do You Create a Facebook Profile Page For Babies?

I recently thought it’d be a fun idea to set up Lily with Facebook so friends and family could “talk” with her. Even though she’s only 9.5 months, I think a lot of people would like it. But it’s not that easy. The first thing I tried was setting her up with her own profile. […]

It’s Time To Take A Social Media Chill Pill

I think it’s time we all started thinking less and just enjoyed social media more. I know I for one have to relax a little myself. You see, I now have all these Twitter followers; like 700, and I try to impress them all. Some are friends, some are co-workers, some are industry professionals, some […]

Speeding Up WordPress Starts With Plugin Developers

I’ve recently been looking at Google’s speed test tool and working to increase the speed of some of the sites I interact with daily. Where as there are things that we, as blog owners, can control, a lot of speeding up WordPress falls in the hands of plugin developers. Here is what WordPress plugins developers […]

10 Things You Should Know About CSS

I’ve been working with cascading style sheets (CSS) for years and have learned quite a bit. So I thought I’d write down some of my tips and tricks for all those that are learning about CSS. Here are my 10 CSS tips that web developers should know. Start off with a CSS reset. A CSS […]

Minor Design Changes Can Make A Big Effect

When it comes to web design, sometimes less is more. And sometimes you don’t need to change a lot to make a big improvement. Case in point, the latest Google update. All they did was add a few icons, make the colors pop, soften up the buttons a little and the new look is very […]

All You Need To Know About Social Media [pict]

Have you ever wondered the difference between Facebook, Twitter and MySpace?  Well has just the answer for you. It seems that Facebook is a combo of narcissism and stalking where MySpace is narcissism and ADHD. Twitter on the other hand has all three! Go Twitter! If you’d like, makes this print available on […]

Adobe Air Application Tutorial for Web Developers

This tutorial covers the very basics of creating an Adobe AIR application that will work on Mac, Windows and Linux. It will show you what software to install and how to turn some web code into an Adobe AIR application. You will get enough information to get you started and from there you can create […]