A listing of Cute Animal Blogs

So I’m always on the lookout for cool blogs about animals and I thought other people might be too so I thought I would start a listing of a few that I have found that I have thought are cool.


This is a blog of kittens and their stories that is updated daily.


This is a site of random things people think are cute from animals to people to whatever.


This one I’m still not sure about they must have calmer cats than I but its all about cats with stuff on them.  Hmmm we’ll see.

Those are the ones I have found so far any of you out there who can contribute others?  As I said I’m always on the lookout for new ones!

Funny Cat Video

I regularly look to cuteoverload.com for different cute pictures or videos and today I watched one and I than when it was through it had this video as a related link. I thought it was hilarious and I could see my cats doing half of the antics of the cats in this video. If you have cats I can see you appreciating this!

How to get cats to get along?

We have now had 2 cats for a year one we have had in our family 3 years and one just one year. One Sassy, is a female, and Chunk is a male. Now most of the time we live in easy going with the cats accepting each other fine but Sassy still is awfully pissy with Chunk sometimes. Now to give you a little more detail Chunk is a cat who loves everyone, every night he curls up in my neck with his paws kneading either side of my neck, he scares easily but we think that comes from being brought to Minnesota from Las Vegas. Sassy on the other hand was adopted out of a loving home but has always been a little standoffish and wanted attention when she wants it. We adopted Chunk about a month after we moved into our first house thinking that that would be better then when Sassy had dominated the place for her life. The first two months were really hard because sassy wanted nothing to do with chunk which was ok because we had to keep them separated anyways because Chunk had an upper respiratory infection. Finally we decided that it was time to bring them together slowly which sassy still hated; she was curious but pissy. Slowly she decided he wasn’t going anywhere and stopped hissing and swatting at the kitten regularly. Still though if he wants to be near her she gets pissy and swats him or if he is in a spot she wants she does that. They play viciously where hair comes flying and you hear yowling and growling but yet in the next breath the share a chair in front of an outside door. Is this normal cat behavior? I just wonder if they are ever going to get along better?

My kitties pictures

I always talk about my cats so I thought it was only right to put pictures of them up. Chunk is the white one he’s a little slow upstairs but we love him all the same. Sassy is the grey one she’s a very smart kitty but also very particular about basically everything.

Chunk the cat

Sassy cat

Cats and Water-Likes/Dislikes

So we have this one cat Chunk, who seems to have a fascination with water. When we first bought him he had a respiratory infection and so our vet recommended we keep him in the bathroom when we took a shower or a bath. Well that was interesting he would sit on the edge and would dunk his paws in and then lick them clean. Well he would jump down and run to the door to make sure the other cat wasn’t there and then run back. Well when you don’t have claws and your paws are wet you don’t have as much traction to which he found out as he slipped and joined me in the tub. Let me tell you he jumped out of the tub just as quick and ran out of that room!
Well after that you would think he would have learned his lesson but oh no its happened a few times since. In fact today I was taking a bubble bath and he was sitting on the edge like is his usual routine and he didn’t realize his tail was hanging in the tub. Well he jumped down and all of a sudden realized there was something heavy on the end of his tail (a wet tail) and he started chasing it in circles! You would think that would be enough, oh not our cat! Then he realized my toes were sticking out of the bubbles so he jumped to attack not realizing he would go into the water. Well he got his front legs all wet! Silly cat he still couldn’t figure out how it had happened!

Cat Acne

Have you ever heard of cat acne? I was doing some research the other day because our one cat has these little black spots on his chin. It looks like a dirty chin and I was concerned he had some mites or something. Well apparently from what I have found its cat acne which can come from plastic bowls, stress, or genetics. We had just bought plastic bowls when I started to notice this and therefore we think this may be the cause. We have now changed to glad bowls and are putting hydrogen peroxide on twice a day as was suggested. If it doesn’t go away in like a week I guess I need to take him to the vet as it can be serious. I never even knew it existed and I have lived all my life with different cats. The things we learn!

Cat Trees-How to Design them?

We are looking at building our own big cat tree for our cats to climb and play on and are looking for sites to come up with ideas. I would prefer sites that offer design plans since this is our first attempt at making one of these. I figure we need to have a hammock in there because those look cool. I need a high perch because our cats love our window perch that we have right now but get upset if the other cat is using it. Any ideas on websites to use for ideas? Or have any of you built a cat tree that we may reference?

Cat Laser Declawing-Should it be done?

Everywhere you look online about Cat Declawing you find people ranting and raving about how bad it is for cats, it hurts them terribly and that it changes their personality. I have to say after having my two cats laser declawed with very very minor issues afterwards that I feel very strongly about favoring LASER declawing. I can understand the issues with regular declawing I would never do that to my cats but laser declawing has alot of benefits. People will say I shouldn’t have adopted the cats if I was going to get them declawed. Ok, I looked at this and came up with a different perspective, first they both were in a society where they would have been killed if they weren’t adopted, hmmm who’s the enemy here I wonder. Second I spoil my cats as if they were my real children (in my mind they are my babies) any little problem I run them to the vet, any new toy I see or special food, litter for them I buy. I only want the very best for my cats. So when I was considering declawing I did a bunch of research on it. I found out that yes you are still removing that part of the cat but it is a quick procedure where the wound is sealed up immediately. After the procedure my cats were put on a heating blanket to sleep of the anesthesia. The vets called my 15 minutes after the procedure and let me know how everything went. They keep the cats for 2 days just to make sure that nothing goes wrong and you are allowed to visit after the first day. Our cats came home without limping and with very very little blood. Yes they could tell something was different but within a couple of days you couldn’t even tell they acted any differently. Our cats still claw on furniture and everything as if they have claws they still hunt their toys and they still do everything that they did before. There was no change in their personality. People say to train cats to claw on specific things which I think is easier said then done. When we got our first cat we tried that and it did not work she has an attitude that whatever she wants to do she will do which is why she fits her name (sassy). If other ways work for you I’m all for you using the other ways but do not condemn before you hear everything. I saved my cats life and they live a life that I think they love now. Would I change what I did? Never!! I did what I think was best considering the circumstances.

Update: Tree Spray

Well it has been a couple of days where I can see if our cat is truly deterred by the Boundary spray.  It seems as long as we spray it every day it does work but the minute it starts wearing off she is back in that tree.  I don’t think it will deter her in the long run sadly.