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Are Pets Reincarnated Doctors?

Talk about a rollercoaster ride. Just a few weeks ago we were celebrating the last of Christi’s frequent broken ankle appointments. No more crutches, casts or restrictions. Then, on Thursday, Christi went in with chest and lower back pains only to be hospitalized and diagnosed with a Pulmonary embolism; a blot clot in her lungs. […]

Who says adults can’t have fun toys?

I’m a believer that just because you get older, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the basics in life. Believe it or not, if you go down the toy aisle at the store, you’ll find something that is a heck of a lot of fun! We recently got an electric powered race track and it’s […]

Playing with Apple’s Photo Booth

One of my new applications is Photo Booth from Apple. It’s a simple application that ties into my iSight web camera and takes still pictures. You can also select filters and take pictures that look interesting. 🙂 Below is some of my fun with Photo Booth this morning. Granted, I think I need better lighting. […]