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AllTheWeb does LiveSearch

AllTheWeb, a Yahoo search engine, is now testing live search. Take a little of Google Suggest, some Ajax and of course good search results, mix them together and get LiveSearch. It gives you suggestions and results as you type. Pretty cool and fun to play with. On the down side, no Safari or Opera support […]

Yahoo Site Explorer Lies

I’m not sure for how long, but I run a bunch of sites though Yahoo Site Explorer each month to track inlinks and indexed pages and this month my numbers were way off from previous months. It seems, that by default, Yahoo Site Explorer is setup to count inlinks from all URLs (including the one […]

Cool Web Portals

I’ve recently began researching web portals. I haven’t been a big fan of them in the past, but I’ve started to get back into them a little more. It’s just nice haveing a one stop site to get the latest news via RSS, email, the weather and photos. So I decided to see what was […]

PubCon Day Two – Blogs, Links, MSN Driving

Yes this post is a little late, get over it. The second day of PubCon went very well.  It started off with Matt Cutts (Google), Robert Scoble (MSN) and Jeremy Zawodny (Yahoo) talking about their blogs.  How they love the feedback and the human effect it adds to their companies.  They even talked about the […]

yExplore : Quickly Access Yahoo Site Explorer

yExplore is a Firefox, Netscape & Flock extension to quickly access Yahoo Site Explorer. yExplore 2 has been released! Click for details. The yExplore 1.6 update brings updates to match updates to Yahoo Site Explorer, better Flock support and added Netscape 9 support. The yExplore 1.5 update included two options. yExplore the domain or a […]

Addicted to the Web 2.0

It’s true, I’m addicted to the Web 2.0. From social bookmarking sites to online word processors and web software that just works, there is no end in site to what I can accomplish online! What is the Web 2.0? Well, it’s the idea of sharing information and having web sites act more like applications and […]

SES 2005 – Review & Photos

Just a week ago I was off to my first Search Engine Strategies Conference and as I look back, it was a great time. There was so much information floating around that it was hard not to miss some pieces here and there. From the new definition of RSS – Really Simple Stealing – go […]