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Addicted to the Web 2.0

It’s true, I’m addicted to the Web 2.0. From social bookmarking sites to online word processors and web software that just works, there is no end in site to what I can accomplish online!

What is the Web 2.0? Well, it’s the idea of sharing information and having web sites act more like applications and less like static content. For example, Yahoo Mail is Web 1.0. Every time you click on a link or button, the whole window refreshes. Gmail is Web 2.0 were it acts more like a desktop application. Everything happens much like your Outlook or Thunderbird. Now Yahoo does have a Web 2.0 version coming, but it’s not available yet for us regular folk.

However, the best part of the Web 2.0 are sites like Ohh how I love Writely. It’s an online word processor that can upload, create, edit, share and export almost any kind of text documents. No longer do I need to install Microsoft Word on my machine.

There is also Don’t have an IM client on your machine? No problem, just use Meebo!

There are tons of Web 2.0 applications out there too. To fuel my addiction, SEOMoz created the Web 2.0 awards. It’s an amazing list of web applications that make the web a much more usable space. From mapping software to project management apps, spreadsheets, online storage and many more.

Where these applications really shine is the fact that they are usually free and can be accessed from anywhere. At school, work, hotel or wherever. No need to install software, or bring stuff with you, these applications are ready to go and no install necessary!! 😀

Check out some Web 2.0 applications today and see how great the web can be!

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  1. hongliu li says:

    I like gmail’s way to organize folders using tags. did the same for user to categorize their items such as photos, videos

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