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MidnightFox is Released!

The first public version of MidnightFox has been released!

You can grab your copy from Mozilla’s official addon site.

Keep in mind this is a dark, yet usable, theme. It’s not for those don’t like black. 😉 It’s also not finished. This is only the first public release. However, it’s got quite a lot done as I’ve learned a lot from iPox.

Enjoy and let me now what you think. 🙂

MidnightFox v0.10

PS: It’s dark, so I’m sure there are a lot of extension text issues or something. I tried fixing them all but they keep coming back.

19 Responses

  1. DistantThunder says:

    Getting pretty creative, eh? I think the theme is great! It suffers minor issues when coupled with certain extensions, often displaying white under selected menus, and other such errors. All in all, its pretty clean, especially when there are no extensions to intefere with it. The icons are clear, the scrollbars/loading bars are unique, the menus are nice, the tooltips are simple, and best of all, without extensions, the only error I could find was the infamous “corrupt match case box” on the find-bar that was ALWAYS a problem on iPox (future revisions…?) The one thing I couldn’t help but wonder: What is this theme based on? Kinda random, really.

  2. will says:

    Very good theme.

    Just wanted you to be aware that with All-in-one sidebar extension, the bar to expand/collapse the sidebar on the left is not ALL the way to the left like the other themes. This one puts a small gap between the edge and the sidebar which isn’t right.

  3. Print says:

    1: You changed the order and contents of my default buttons (back, forward, refresh stop). Why would you even do this? Is it possible to theme without changing the order of my buttons?

    2: Right click customize crashes the browser .1 seconds after it shows up, so i can’t reorder them with your theme loaded.

    3: Preffer the original FF icons with your theme, how can I change that back?

    4: Nice colour scheme, if it was crap I wouldn’t have bothered giving you this feedback, to kudos.

  4. iza says:

    ^ Hm that’s odd, I havn’t had any problems.

    Great theme, best dark theme yet (the only one I have kept). The extensions and themes managers are fairly mesed up with MR Tech Local Install though, and the mouse-overs on the menu are still blue like in ipox from the managers.

  5. Thomas says:

    DistantThunder- That darn ‘match case box’. 😉 I keep forgetting about it.

    will – I’ll have to look into the sidebar question.

    Print –
    1) I didn’t change the order of any buttons. I have no idea what you are talking about.
    2) Are you on Linux? That’s the only version I hear of crashes and it has to do with the Google Toolbar and my themes.
    3) Ummm… no idea. You might want to look into theme building.
    4) Thanks 🙂

    iza – Thanks for the screen shot. It really helps me see your issues. I’ll work on them.

  6. Man, this is a frickin’ grea theme. I love it. It’s a good dark theme with nice buttons. Couldn’t find any bugs though. 😛

  7. Zaggy says:

    Yea, has lots of problems with AIO. Great feel though!

  8. Thomas says:

    Zaggy & Will – I have AIO Sidebar on a PC that I have access to and it’s not horrible. It works just fine. Granted, some coloring issues but thing that make it unusable. Unless I’m missing something.

  9. Jason says:

    This a cool theme – I like the way iPox is being refined as well. Just one gripe with the MidnightFox and it’s a small one – can you change the icon for the home button – god knows what to (lol). It would be cool if you could refine the refresh button image (the swirl) to be even more like the golden mean spiral, but only if the image sits well in proportion to the button.

    Congrats and thanks on a cool theme 🙂

  10. Thomas says:

    Jason – I’ll see what I can do with the buttons. No matter what I do someone won’t like it. 😉 I’m open to suggestions though.

  11. iza says:

    I was kinda annoyed by the bright multicolored buttons and changed them to greyscale with different mouse-overs.

    The history button doesn’t seem to go with the rest though… what is it, a pencil?

  12. gurgle says:

    great themes (this and ipox)
    only problem i have with them is the scroll bar doesnt jump to where it is clicked.. instead it moves up one screen. can this be fixed?

  13. Thomas says:

    gurgle – Your issue sounds more like you have your scrolling preferences or an extension customized to something you don’t like. A theme shouldn’t change how the browser acts, just how it looks.

  14. gurgle says:

    hmm i know what you mean, thats what i woulda thought too.. thing is, without your themes it does it (like it does in other apps cos i have the option checked in system prefs) but when i choose to use your themes it doesnt.. i dont have any extensions that would change this, and anyway like i said, it works on other themes as well as the firefox original one.. so yeah i dunno..


  15. Thomas says:

    Don’t know what to tell you gurgle. I don’t now anything that I’ve done that might cause that. Sorry.

  16. Thomas says:

    When I find time, I’m going to re-do it all probably.

  17. forticulous says:

    Awesome theme. It’s also the only dark theme I’ve kept. I find myself wanting a MidnightBird or something catchy for Thunderbird now.

  18. Thomas says:

    MidnightBird. 😉 I have to find time to work on MidnightFox first and that’s not happening. But thanks for the compliments!! It makes me want to keep this theme alive.

  19. whassup says:

    Firstly this is a great theme and worthy of the acclades, which makes it all the more frustrating to hve odd behaviors. I have a screenshot but nowhere to upload it. There are two white regions above and below the tab bar. How can I hack this? They really must go.
    If you could find a way to at least put a narrow border aroud the menus it would be helpful too, the entries just blend in with any white page. I’d prefer a very light blue-grey but don’t know where in the css to put it.
    Again, it is cleaner and cooler looking than any other so far.
    Please keep up the good work!

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