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Midwest Tour Included Thai and Greek Food

One good thing, or bad depending on how it turns out, is that when I go to conferences, I’ll go pretty much anywhere the group goes. Get a bunch of different and you never know where you’ll end up. While at SES in Chicago I found myself at two restaurants I wouldn’t normally try.

The first on was a Thai restaurant. Now if you ask me where I’d like to go eat, I’d say KFC or out for pizza. Thai however has never been on my radar but I went anyways.

My group helped me pick out something good to eat based on my likes and dislikes. Non spicy was a high priority. I ended up with something with chicken and big rice noodles and I have to say, it was very good. The table also ordered some sushi and other things that I did try. I have to say it was quite a good experience and reminded me of a Chinese restaurant.

On a separate night, and with a different group, we decided to go to a Greek restaurant. Now I’ve seen A Big Fat Greek Wedding but that’s as close to Greek food as I’ve gotten. The menu was much easier to understand and I ended up with a fantastic chicken dish with potatoes and rice. The table also shared flaming cheese which was literally on fire when it came. I’ll definitely try a Greek restaurant again.

When I’m alone, or with the wife, I think that a Thai restaurant is not something we would have really given a chance. Greek on the other hand has been on our mind, but not a high priority. Overall, I was very happy with both my experiences and am glad that I gave them a chance.

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