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Five, No Ten, things you didn’t know about TwisterMc.

TwisterMc Logo ShadowJustin Shattuck sure wants to know a lot about me. First about what blogging has given me and now he’s asking for five things you don’t now about me. Since I’ve done this once before you’ll get a bonus five here that are a bit more interesting. 😉

1) I was once in a Musical. It was a small town gig and I was like 15. I got to dance with the the lady in the lead role and everything. I think it was ‘Meet Me in St. Louis’ but I’m not positive. I worked crew for many years on the play but only appeared in one once.

2) I’ve met Shania Twain. Yep, at a meet and greet at the Mall of America years ago. I have pictures and autographs to prove it. She’s a short little lady.

3) I almost when to a Spice Girls concert once. Yes, it’s true. They were at the Target Center in Minneapolis and my friend really wanted to go. So we walked down to see if there were any last minute tickets. There were, but I decided it was to much money and my need to go wasn’t that great. He went though and had a great time.

4) I’ve been kicked out of a bar for trying to steal beer. It was at a nightclub, I was drunk and it just kinda happened. They yelled at me and kicked me out and told me not to come back for six months. No big deal as they are closed now anyways.

5) I’ve been stopped by the police for trying to buy drugs. A friend and I were exploring Minneapolis on foot one day and were headed towards a Target in the distance. Little did we know we were entering a well known area for buying drugs. The cops nicely stopped us and asked a few questions. Since we weren’t buying drugs, they told us to turn around and walk home. We did.

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  1. David Temple says:

    You bad boy you shouldn’t have revealed all that right before Christmas. Now what will Santa think? Really though thanks for sharing.

  2. Justin says:

    Seriously, guess I’m not the only black sheep out there, haha.

  3. Thomas says:

    Everyone has secrets. Shhh 😉

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