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Cold enough to freeze your Winnebago

Not exactly sure what that means but it’s cold enough to freeze anything you got. Our highs this weekend will be lucky to hit 0 and windshields will range from -15 to -40. I’m considering plugging in my car for the first time in years. However it’s to cold to go outside and do so.

So what have I been doing while it’s so cold? Well coding of course. I have a new WordPress plugin to release later today at my blogging blog. I also have a new theme in the works. It’s got a long ways to go yet but I’m liking where it’s headed. And I’m a bit disappointed that Mozilla hasn’t approved PinkHope yet. I was hoping for that to get a little traction and attention over the week and yet nothing. Might be time to put in a request to a friend. Either that or become an addon approval person. Hummm….

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  1. Daniel says:

    Yeah, those windshields can get pretty cold in the winter — sometimes they may even crack if cold enough. Had to give you a little grief as those wind chills plummet across the Northern Plains. 😉 I ‘sorta’ miss those days in Minnesota…sorta.

  2. Thomas says:

    How can you not miss the -40 degree windshields? It’s like Hawaii only cold and you can’t do anything outside and… well… the opposite of Hawaii. 😉

  1. 2/5/2007

    […] I told you it was cold here in Minnesota. I don’t think we’ve hit 0 since Friday and it’s not exactly going to warm up anytime soon. Granted 12 is going to feel balmy and by the time it hits 30 we’ll be in shorts. […]

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