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Google Coming to the Twin Cities?

Google RangerNo, Google is not opening up an office here just yet, but over at the Technology Evangelist they have a convincing argument going on.

Their thought is that Google should move into the Ford plant in St. Paul. Why?

  • Well first of all it’s a large plot of land in the middle of the Twin Cities. It’s hard to find this kind of land in such a big city. Plenty of room for the volleyball courts and such.
  • It also comes with its own hydroelectric dam which can help keep energy costs down, power search servers or Google Dances for days.
  • It has a train yard and who doesn’t want one of them? Google could create the biggest model train set.
  • Lots of free parking as Ford needed room for all those Ford Rangers it was producing.
  • The Minneapolis/St. Paul international airport is your neighbor. Great for flying in and out of town on all those important business trips.
  • Tunnels. Not sure a good selling point here but I’m sure Google could come up with a creative way of using them. Maybe party tunnels? They are climate controlled after-all.
  • It’s also near the Mall of America so employees could go spend their moneys and ride some rides.
  • Light Rail stations are not far away so cruising to downtown Minneapolis is a train stop away.
  • It’d be a great place to make the Google Ranger truck. Free with AdSense on the side of course.

Overall, I think that it’s a great opportunity for any big business that wants a lot of land, cool features and a prime location. If Google doesn’t go for it, maybe Target will turn it into the campus they want to create.

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