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iAqua – Mac Like Theme – Beta 3

iAqua Beta 3 is ready for testers. Yes, if you’ve been installing it, then you are a tester. 🙂

So what’s new in beta 3? So glad you asked.

  • Updated Progress Bar. Just a tiny bit.
  • Updated Bookmarks bar so if you have more than one line, it doesn’t look completely ugly. It’s been condensed a bit too.
  • Go button themed to be end of URL bar.
  • Drop down icon in URL bar re-themed.
  • Tab close button moved to the left of each tab.
  • Buttons are now clear by default. Blue on hover/press. Like OSX.
  • Button font is Lucida Grande for those that have it. Arial for those that don’t.
  • Condensed navigation toolbar height.
  • Main toolbar is now white. That’s a Windows only thing. (I think this works correctly)
  • Minimize, Maxamize and Close full screen buttons are now Mac like. Again, Windows only. (Actually, I don’t think this feature works right. Just hit F11 on windows to enter and exit full screen mode.)

Please leave any feedback in the comments. This will probably be version 1.0 that will be released to the official Mozilla Addon’s site. Then the feedback will come poring in with many odd requests. 😉

Download Download iAqua 0.3beta! (removed)

35 Responses

  1. Steven Moncivais says:

    It works well.
    Unfortunately, I have Jaguar Brushed Graphite rolling with FlyaKite OS, so I can’t use LucindaGrande.
    It’s default font is Tahoma.
    But it still looks good in Jaguar!

  2. Thomas says:

    Not sure what that all means, but it sounds positive. 🙂

  3. MacDeviant says:


    Excellent theme for Firefox. Can’t wait to see it for Thunderbird, then both with match. Not many themes for both applications.


  4. Steven Moncivais says:

    @ Thomas:
    I’ll send you a screenshot later.
    Suffice it to say, FlyaKite makes WindowsXP look like MacOSX.

  5. pez says:

    umm the tab bar for iaqua beta for xp…the tabs actually is bigger then the tab bar itself

  6. Steven Moncivais says:

    @ pez:
    Say what?
    Are they just longer or taller than the tab bar?
    I have TabMixPlus installed, and neither of those conditions has appeared for me.

  7. Thomas says:

    I’ll double check it in XP on Monday.

  8. pez says:


  9. pez says:

    oh and yeah i’m gonna try disablin all the tabs extension thingys…thanks for the tip steven and of course 4 the theme thomas

  10. Visualize says:

    Great great Firefox theme. Using the latest beta(3) I noticed that the scrollbar is a more smooth gradient than the rough gradient that OS X normally has. Not a big deal but it is preferable that it is left as default like the scrollbars in OS X would normally be like, you know, rough with a little more of the stuff that only Apple can do 😉

    I think i’ll keep using the theme even if you decide not to fix it. I don’t know the reasoning for doing it in the first place. Not even the upcoming Leopard from Apple has these smooth gradients in the scrollbars from what I’ve seen, so I don’t think that this theme should have it either. Just my 2cents. I hope you can use what I’ve just said.

  11. Visualize says:

    Hi, forgot to say. The tab-overflow? button at the end of the tabbar is overlapping the bookmarksbar when hovered over. Intentional? Just a minor thing I noticed just now. I have no tab-extensions installed.

  12. Thomas says:

    The scrollbar is customized so that PC and Linux users have a more Mac like scrollbar. Thus, it’s not an exact match, but similar.

    Also, I don’t know how the tabs work, or don’t work, with tab extensions. I may have to look into that.

  13. Visualize says:

    Hello Thomas, Thanks for the information. But, don’t you think we owe the Linux/PC and also in particular Mac users to have a scrollbar that is the right one? Could you not let the theme take on what ever the current theme is and use that scrollbar? It’s a minor thing but i’m all for consistency on my system. Who gives a hoot about Linux or Windows users, haha. It’s all about the Mac OS X. Booya. Windows users that create Firefox themes does not care for us OS X users anyway. Haven’t you tried one of the many themes for download on the net? Each Firefox theme I install from the Mozilla Addons site have a weird Bookmarks menu problem where the folders get screwed up. Unless they are done for OS X of course.

    Anywho, about the tabs. Don’t worry about the tabs themselves, they are cool. It’s just that overflowmenu that was my problem. I did say I personally didn’t have any tab extension installed. But of course, alot of people use tab extensions.

    Okay, enough complaining. Carry on. 🙂

  14. Thomas says:

    Visualize – I’ll consider updating the scroll bars for a future version. 🙂

  15. Visualize says:

    Okay Thomas. Good to hear.

    I’m usually not the one to complain but since you ask for comments about the theme I decided to jump in 🙂

  16. Thomas says:

    iAqua fans, please go to Mozilla and review iAqua. It’s stuck in the sandbox because there isn’t enough reviews. Thanks!

  17. MacDeviant says:

    Won’t install off mozilla

  18. Thomas says:

    That was a temporary issue on their end. Try again.

  19. Yong Hwee says:

    Wow, this is great!

  20. SK says:

    Nice theme!
    But when I view source, and I used the find function, clicking on next or previous seems to cause the thing to move by a few pixels. (Not sure how to express myself.) And the arrow buttons look a little wierd.

    I do wish I can blend the iaqua theme and the ipox theme together.. (ipox scrollbar into iaqua!) I tried installing ipox remix according to your instructions, but the thing just wouldn’t appear in the themes window. (Can’t I just edit my userchrome.css file to implement some of your hacks??)

  21. Thomas says:

    Yes, the find bar moves a few pixels. not to bad though. As far as modifying the scrollbar via userstyles.css, it can be done, it’d just take quite a few lines of code.

  22. avoulk says:

    Excellent! Very very well done!!
    Smooth and clean like a theme should be!
    Keep up the good job! We love it!

  23. lorddonk says:

    I love this theme, however, for maximum screen space, I usually check “use small icons” but then the icons are microscopic!

    That’s the only fault I can see with this theme, icons are a bit too small in “small icons” mode, however they look great full-size too. I especially love the tab bar!

    By the way what ever happened to those tutorials on making your own themes?

  24. Thomas says:

    Hi Lorddonk, the theme tutorials can be found here:

  25. sebastian stephenson says:

    I have been looking for this theme for a long time there are some that try and fail to archive the brilliants of this theme it is not an a exact replica but I feel right at home and it has its own style to knock out too

  26. Carpe Diem says:

    Please update this theme for Firefox 3! I absolutely loathe the default theme and there aren’t any themes compatible with the latest version.

    By the way, your contact page didn’t work for me. The CAPTCHA didn’t load and nothing happened when I clicked the “Reload” image. I tried reloading the whole page but that didn’t help either.

  27. Thomas says:

    Carpe, I’m working hard on iPox for Firefox 3. That’s where I’ll start. The others will then follow.

  28. Taylor says:

    hey, is there anyway to uninstall the theme after it’s been installed?

    please e-mail me @ [email protected]

  29. Thomas says:

    Taylor. Just go into Tools -> Addons and choose the theme. An uninstall button should appear. If not, right click on it and un-install.

  30. mlw1980 says:

    won’t install for me and i have latest version of ff 🙁

  31. Thomas says:

    This is not yet available for Firefox 3.

  32. mlw1980 says:

    ah that’s a good reason 😉 i hope it will be available soon for ff 3 though i really miss this theme. i’ll keep checking back keep up the good work 🙂

  33. jo says:

    got to make it on ff 3 because nothing is availiable got to plllllllllllllllease

  34. hunter_hunted says:

    man this is not working M.Firefor 3.0.11 what should i have to do

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