iAqua Beta 3 is ready for testers. Yes, if you’ve been installing it, then you are a tester. 🙂

So what’s new in beta 3? So glad you asked.

  • Updated Progress Bar. Just a tiny bit.
  • Updated Bookmarks bar so if you have more than one line, it doesn’t look completely ugly. It’s been condensed a bit too.
  • Go button themed to be end of URL bar.
  • Drop down icon in URL bar re-themed.
  • Tab close button moved to the left of each tab.
  • Buttons are now clear by default. Blue on hover/press. Like OSX.
  • Button font is Lucida Grande for those that have it. Arial for those that don’t.
  • Condensed navigation toolbar height.
  • Main toolbar is now white. That’s a Windows only thing. (I think this works correctly)
  • Minimize, Maxamize and Close full screen buttons are now Mac like. Again, Windows only. (Actually, I don’t think this feature works right. Just hit F11 on windows to enter and exit full screen mode.)

Please leave any feedback in the comments. This will probably be version 1.0 that will be released to the official Mozilla Addon’s site. Then the feedback will come poring in with many odd requests. 😉

Download Download iAqua 0.3beta!