Save FirefoxDid you know that there are Firefox themes and extensions stuck in the sandbox and that you can help save them? It’s true, with just a few clicks of the mouse, and taps on the keyboard, you can bring joy to a Firefox addon and their developer.

It’s really easy, just head over to the Mozilla Addon site and sign up for a free account. Once you are logged in, click on the ‘sandbox’ link next to the search box and you can then browse though the sandbox looking at many brand new & updated themes or extensions. Some of which you may have never seen before! Find one you like, install it and try it out for a few days. Then, head back to the addon’s page in the sandbox and write a review. That’s all there is to it.

You see, all themes & extensions are tossed into the Mozilla sandbox when they uploaded. The developer then has to wait for a reviewer to approve or deny the addon. The sad part is is that a lot of themes & extensions are getting denied because they don’t have enough, if any, reviews. With your help, you can not only check out some great addons before everyone else, but you can also help them get out of the sandbox and on the public site.

I also have a tip for developers. Did you know that if you have reviews of your theme or extension from outside sources, you can use them to help push your addon live faster? It’s true. Just drop a link to the blog post or forum post where you have users testing out your addon in the notes to reviewer box when you nominate it. That just may help the reviewer approve it.

In the end, the sandbox is a great idea, but it’s causing a bit of concern as themes and extensions are getting in, but not getting out. Don’t let a good addon get stuck, review items in the sandbox and help save a Firefox theme or extension!