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I love & hate CSS.

I love CSS, but yet I hate it to. For some reason, the same code can’t work in all browsers. And I’m not just complaining about the non-standards compliant Internet Explorer (all versions) but I’m finding minor differences in different versions of Firefox. How is that possible?!! Getting everything to line up just seems to be way to much work.

The reason I write this is I’ve added a new header to Blog on a Stick. I really liked the design, but programming it in hasn’t been great. I have a search box that didn’t line up right with imagery so I had to ax that.  It also didn’t line up well in IE so they get served up a search link instead. 😉 Heck, even the search results are showing up way to far left. Go figure.

To me, the items in the green menu bar aren’t centered and it’s bugging me. I can make them look great in Firefox Mac or Safari Mac but not both. Not sure why, but it has something to do with the form field.  Ideas anyone???

So, what we have currently is the best I could get done in a few hours. It’s nice, but bugs me that it’s not perfect. 😉  What do you think of the new header?

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  1. AK says:

    I hate css too… its terrible for layouts but is beneficial for styling. I cant believe there is such a push to create css based layouts… they never work across browsers. I’ve resorted back to html/tables… tables are always cross browser compatible.

    Nice header btw.

    • Thomas says:

      As I’ve worked with them over the years, I find it quite easy to use. I’ve learned the tricks and love CSS more than ever.

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