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See Twice As Much In TwitterFox By Making It Taller.

I’ve recently started using TwitterFox with my work Twitter account.  I love how its compact, looks great and is easy to access.  What I didn’t like was the fact that I could only see 5 recent posts when I had so much more screen space.  So I made it taller.

It just took a few lines of CSS and I was able to double the amount of tweets I could see at once!  

Taller TwitterFox

If you’d like to make your TwitterFox window taller, install the Stylish Firefox extension and then head over to and install the Taller TwitterFox style.

One thing to keep in mind is that I made the window as tall as I wanted it.  If you want it shorter, or taller, after you install the Taller TwitterFox style, go into Stylish and edit the style.  Change height and max-height to suit your needs.

As a bonus, you should also grab the Wider TwitterFox style too. 

In no time you’ll be doing twice as much with TwitterFox!

Want to follow me on Twitter?  My personal account is TwisterMc and my work account is TopRank_Thomas.

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