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I Got an iPad Case & Stand for $23 at Target

My wife recently got me an iPad and I love it. I want to buy a whole bunch of accessories too, but after just spending $$$ on the iPad, I’m not up to paying $40+ just for a case, not to mention a stand. So I went to Target.

Turns out, you can get a 10.2 inch netbook sleeve that fits the iPad pretty well. It’s a tad bit big, but sometimes the added space is nice as it’s easy to get the iPad in and out. The one I got was $19 which wasn’t to bad. There might have been cheaper ones, but I really liked the basic black neoprene one.

iPad Case

Netbook / iPad Case

I also picked up a $3.99 photo easel. It’s small, black, wooden and fits the iPad extremely well in landscape or portrait mode. Plus there is no chance of it slipping out. It works well when the iPad is plugged in and it folds up nicely so I can take it with me. Actually it’ll fit in my iPad sleeve quite nicely. I’m very happy with that little purchase.

iPad Stand

Photo Easel / iPad Stand

Photo Easel Empty / iPad Stand

Photo Easel Empty / iPad Stand

Now I know that an official iPad case or stand could be even better, but for $23 I got myself a case and stand that work very nicely.

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