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Lily loves to watch Dad fail at juggling.

It’s amazing what babies find funny, basically it’s everything.

ABC Baby BlocksLily has these rubbery blocks that I usually use to build towers that she loves to knock down. Well one day I decided to try to juggle with them.

Now I don’t have any juggling skills. I consider it a win if I can get two blocks straight up in the air. Usually they go all over and I end up hitting something.

Well Lily loves this. She loves watching me try to juggle even though I fail every time. If I drop one, it’s funny. If I toss one up and catch it again, it’s funny. If I hit the ceiling, it’s funny. It’s a win win situation. Except that once when I hit her. She didn’t think it was funny but it didn’t hurt either.

One thing I love about babies is how easy they are to entertain. They take my failure at juggling and turn it into a successful & fun baby and dad activity.

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