iPadPodPhoneSo I have a dilemma, but it’s a good one to have.

You see, my wife rocks. She likes to get me sweet presents. This year she was going to get me an iPad, but thought she’d ask me if I really wanted one first. Which I do, kind of.

The iPad is that new shinny Apple toy that every Apple fan wants. So of course I want one! But, the downside here is that my wife would then take my iPod Touch. Which this is a problem as an iPad is portable, but not like my touch. It’s not going to look good mounted on the dashboard of my car and it won’t fit in my pocket. So I’m thinking no on an iPad.

So what about a new iPod Touch she says? Well mine is a first generation touch and I’d love an upgrade, but only if it were to come with a camera; which they don’t. A new iPod Touch would be faster, have an external speaker, microphone, and have more space, but lack any camera and I’m tired of carrying around multiple devices.

So what about an iPhone? It has all the features I want, except it’s with AT&T and I’m very happy with Verizon. I actually just want an iPhone without the service plan but that’s an extra couple hundred dollars according to a guy at the Apple store.

So this is my dilemma. I basically want an iPod Touch with a camera. Is that too much to ask Apple?

I get a feeling that if I were to get a new iPod Touch, it’d be updated and include a camera like a month or two later. You know how Apple works. 🙂

So then I started thinking about other gadgets like the Droid. It’d combine my phone, camera and music player into one, but I’d still have my iPod Touch for all the apps and the iTunes music that is ‘protected’ by DRM. So that doesn’t make things much better.

That’s what I’m currently thinking about. My wife is awesome to give me such a dilemma to think about, but when I’m not that good at making decisions, that makes it even harder.